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Research Institute for Nuclear Problems Belarus State University Minsk, Belarus PowerPoint Presentation
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Research Institute for Nuclear Problems Belarus State University Minsk, Belarus

Research Institute for Nuclear Problems Belarus State University Minsk, Belarus

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Research Institute for Nuclear Problems Belarus State University Minsk, Belarus

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  1. BSU INP Research Institute for Nuclear Problems Belarus State University Minsk, Belarus February 2012

  2. BSU INP • Basic research in fields of nuclear physics, high energy and particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology • Research of extremal states of matter under ultra-high temperatures and pressures using magnetic cumulation of energy • New composite materials, nano- and micro-structured materials • Radiation and nuclear technologies using radioactive sources, particle accelerators and nuclear reactors; new methods of ionizing radiation measurements Major areas of R&D

  3. BSU INP BSU INP Scientific staff December 2011: Staff total – 118 Researchers –75 D.Sc. – 6 Ph.D. – 20

  4. BSU INP • JINR (Dubna Russia) • EDM Collaboration (Brookhaven USA) • CMS (CERN Switzerland) • PANDA (GSI Germany) • COSY (Julich Germany) • LAPP (Annecy France)‏ INP scientists are members of international collaborations:

  5. BSU INP • Physical Review Letters • Physical Review • Journal of Physics • Physics Letters • Nuovo Cimento • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research • IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science • European Phys. J. C • New Journal of Physics   • Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications • Nature Communications • Journal of Polymer Engineering • Journal of Nanophotonics • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters • Euro. Physics Letters INP publications in 2011 were at: Conference attendance geography in 2011: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Korea, Spain, Greece, Israel, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

  6. BSU INP Basic and Applied Physical Research 2002–2009. Collected Papers. Minsk, BSU. 2009. Some INP books A.S. Lobko. Experiments with parametric X-rays. Minsk, BSU. 2006. V. G. Baryshevsky. High-Energy Nuclear Optics of Polarized Particles. World Press. 2012. G. Drobyshev. Optimization des parametres de scintillation des crystaux de PWO. Edition universitaires europeennes. Saarbruken. 2010. V.G. Baryshevsky, I.D. Feranchuk, A.P. Ulyanenkov “Parametric X-Ray Radiation in Crystals: Theory, Experiment and Applications” Series: Springer Tracts in Modern Physics. Springer. 2006. Lecoq P., Annenkov A., Gektin A., Korzhik M., Pedrini C. Inorganic Scintillators for Detector Systems. Physical Principles and Crystal Engineering. Series: Particle Acceleration and Detection.2006, XII, Springer, 2006.

  7. BSU INP Main scientific results2006-2011

  8. BSU INP Dubna Nuclotron INP scientists together with scientists from JINR (Dubna, Russia) succeeded to measure spin dichroism of relativistic deuterons with 5 GeV/s impulse moving through non-polarized target. Basic research Thus, existence of spin dichroism and spin rotation of relativistic deuterons of high energy moving through non-polarized medium was justified for the high energy range as it was theoretically predicted by INP scientists and firstly discovered in 2003 in collaboration with scientists of the Institute for Nuclear Physics (Julich, Germany) and the Institute for Nuclear Physics of Cologne University (Germany) at its accelerator. Scientific leader — Prof. V.G. Baryshevsky

  9. BSU INP • It was shown that primordial black holes of the wide mass range were able to completely absorb white dwarfs at the time of Universe existence. • It is shown that the fact of existence of white dwarfs indicates the safety of experiments on birth of six-dimensional black holes on LHC. Astrophysics and cosmology Scientific leader — Prof. V.V. Tikhomirov

  10. BSU INP Grid resonator with photonic crystal Volume Free Electron Laser (VFEL) Generation of Volume Free Electron Laser on photonic crystals was observed firstly in 2001 Scientific leader — Prof. V.G. Baryshevsky

  11. Nano-electromagnetics is a new scientific area proposed and developed by INP scientists BSU INP Diffraction Theory Solid State Physics Boundary-value problems for complex-shaped regions:Complex geometry, ordinary electronics Quasi-particle concept: Electrons, phonons, magnons…Complex electronics, ordinary geometry NANOELECTRODYNAMICS In 2011 the group was awarded by the University medal Scientific leaders — Prof. S.A. Maksimenko & Prof. G.Ya. Slepyan

  12. BSU INP In cooperation of INP with Ferrara University and Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Italy) effect of multiple volume reflection of high-energy particles by different bent planes of single crystal theoretically predicted by INP scientists was experimentally observed at CERN. Particles and high energy physics Scientific leader in INP — Prof. V.V. Tikhomirov

  13. BSU INP Lead tungstate scintillation crystals (PWO) was chosen as basic material for development of electromagnetic calorimeters (ECAL) of collaborations CMS and ALICE (CERN), PANDA (GSI, Darmstadt) Development of detectors of ionizing radiation for science, medicine, and industry The PWO crystal is a high density, fast and radiation hard scintillation material. CMS ECAL made of PWO in 2011 showed promising results towards to discovery of the Higgs boson Scientific leader — Prof. M.V. Korzhik

  14. BSU INP High-Q microwave resonators Design, measurement and application of microwave, millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave elements: resonators and waveguides are under rapid development. Methods and equipment for application of microwave energy are effectively used in the modern biotechnology: control of seed and soil infection diseases, increase of seed germinating power, effective sterilization of soil and mineral substrate used in greenhouses. Radio-physics Technologies of microwave sterilization of soiland seed grain microwave treatment Equipment for effective sterilization Scientific leaders — PhD V.A. Karpovich and PhD V.A. Rodionova

  15. BSU INP Bel-Am study of thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases in Belarus caused by the Chernobyl disaster Reconstruction of I-131 contamination in Gomel and Mogilev regions in Belarus (as for May 10, 1986) Scientific leader in INP — PhD S.A. Kuten

  16. BSU INP Computer systems for cytogenetic monitoring of Belarus population in the post-Chernobyl period for detection of cytogenetic and oncology risks. Echoscope is intended for on-line ultrasound diagnostics of human maxillary and frontal sinuses. It minimizes necessity of X-ray imaging. Medical Diagnostics Devices These devices are implemented in Belarus medical centers. Scientific leader — PhD V.I. Ivanov

  17. BSU INP Research area – Research of extreme matter state under ultra-high temperature and pressure using magnetic cumulation of energy

  18. BSU INP Flux compression generator The flux generator is a device which can produce peak electrical energies of MegaJoules in tens to hundreds of microseconds of time. This is accomplished in a compact and lightweight package. With delivered power levels of TeraWatts to tens of TeraWatts, a large flux compression generator produces electrical currents which are three orders of magnitude greater than those produced by a typical lightning strike (A.D. Sakharov (USSR, 1951) и Clarence Max Fowler (USA,1953)).

  19. BSU INP Flux compression generator Scientific leader — Prof. V.G. Baryshevsky

  20. BSU INP Applications • Study of thermonuclear fusion with the aid of magnetic compression of deuterium-tritium plasma • measurement of dynamic behavior (durability, viscosity) of various materials • study of processes at extremely high pressures and their industrial applications • development of sources of penetrating radiation for various purposes • developmentof powerful (MJoule) ‏sources of soft X-rays • developmentof lightning simulators applicable for field testing of electric power transmission lines