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  1. By: Josh Pierce Belarus

  2. Geography Belarus’s longitude and latitude is 53.5167° N, 28.7667° E. Even if it is landlocked, it is still a major route for trade between Europe and Russia. Belarus has a natural resource of timber. There is a timber industry in Belarus. People want the cost to go down but its not happening. There are 6 major rivers that spread across Belarus. They are a way for travel and a way for trade to different countries.

  3. Cultural Traditions The pictures name is, White Crusifixation. I chose this picture because it shows what religion they believe in. also, they believe in Jesus. The pictures name is Resurrection. It shows they believe that Jesus was reborn.

  4. Cultural Traditions The picture name is Cross of Saint Efrasinnia. The cross resemble the missing cross of Efrasinnia. It was lost in WW 2. The picture was made in 1887. it shows that they were farmers. People grew their own crops. Most people didn’t need to buy their crops.

  5. Traveler Tips Here is 10 tips to follow if you are going to Belarus! • Follow the local laws. • Always carry your passport. • Do not carry illegal drugs on you at all. • Don’t take pictures of military. • Ask permission before doing something. • Carry your international driving permit. • Zero tolerance for driving under the influence

  6. Traveler Tips 8) Have money to pay fee to drive on their roads. 9) Beware of credit card fraud. It happens a lot in the country. 10) They may require proof of yellow fever vaccination.

  7. Economy and Standard of Living I think that Belarus is an industrialized country. One way they are industrialized is, their literacy rate for male is 99.8% and female is 99.5%. Second way is, they have 65 different airports with 32 of them paved roads. They have gas pipelines which are 5,386 km long and oil pipeline which are 1,589 km long. Third way they are is, they have 4.407 million main line phone users (ranked 37th) and 10.675 million cellphone users (ranked 75th). The fourth way is, there are 74,651 km of paved roads in Belarus. The fifth way is, they have a metal cutting industry. Helps build tractors and motorcycles.

  8. History of Belarus World war one and two both influenced Belarus. World War One influenced Belarus by making them decide to become a national republic. They were a republic till the red army invaded. In 1921, the Treaty of Riga splits Belarus in half; one half to Poland and one half to Soviet Russia. During World War Two, they Nazi's killed more than one million people in Belarus. That influenced Belarus to side with Soviet Russia. That is how World War One and World War Two influence Belarus.

  9. Government Belarus’s government is a dictatorship. One way to show it is, the president has been in power for the last 16 years. He won’t give up power. The second way is, many people believe the elections have been rigged. The third reason is, he extended his first term by 2 years. The fourth reason is, they abused civil rights to freedom of assembly and association. People who are against this have been silenced by violence and arrest. The fifth reason is, the president agrees with Russia. He has relationships with the country.

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