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Life back in the 1500s PowerPoint Presentation
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Life back in the 1500s

Life back in the 1500s

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Life back in the 1500s

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  1. Life back in the 1500s All about life back then. By Ellie Miller

  2. Mary became Queen of Scots when she was only 6 days old. She was to small but. Mary’s mum was her regent after she was crowned. A regent is someone who takes your place as king or queen when your small. When you are older you take your place back as king or queen.

  3. Rich clothes Rich men had puffy shoulders. Some men had a feather on there hat. Rich lady’s wore big puffy stick out dresses. The rich lady’s also wore make up all over there face. The lady’s waists were tight. They also had big padded sleeves and shoulders. The woman’s dresses were made of silk and sewn with gold thread.

  4. Rich Rich lived in big palaces and castles. Commoners would have lived in simple little houses. Rich wouldn’t like messing with commoners. Commoners probably didn’t like the rich because they were like show offs.

  5. Things people did back then People liked to play tennis. There bats were a bit different from now. They also liked to sew just the same as the now. They played something that looked like a guitar but wasn’t. They liked jousting, hunting, dancing and fencing

  6. Food They ate a lot of animals. They ate animals like peacocks and rabbit. There food was not that posh. They also ate spiders. The poor didn’t have all this fancy food. The children got to drink wine even if they were only 15! They also ate deer and lamb They ate swan geese. Rich loved there food. They ate all sorts of meat. The rich would use silver spoons. The poor would use wooden spoons.

  7. Poor Poor people wore shabby and ragged clothes. They also had patches sowed on to there clothes. They looked like they wore floppy torn hats.

  8. Sickness If you had a sore back then you wear donkey skin. If you were just sick you would get leeches put on you. The leeches would suck out the bad things inside so you would just have good things in your body.

  9. Waste Before the first toilet was made they used a wooden hole in a stall. The waste would go into a pit. When they went on holiday people had to clean the waste in the pit. The first toilet ever made was created by the Tudors. It was gold

  10. The Rich The rich have their own coat of arms. They rarely did any work. They also played some games we play today like chess.

  11. Thank you! I would like to say thank you for listening and watching my power point about my topic Mary Queen Of Scots!