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September 25-26, 2012

Ms. Hines 7 th grade English/Language Arts. September 25-26, 2012. Warm up. Create a new entry in your notebook Date: 9/25/2012 Title: Create a catchy title (my life event) Time: 10 minutes

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September 25-26, 2012

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  1. Ms. Hines 7th grade English/Language Arts September 25-26, 2012

  2. Warm up • Create a new entry in your notebook • Date: 9/25/2012 • Title: Create a catchy title (my life event) • Time: 10 minutes • Choose an event in your life that would make a good basis for a book. Explain why other people would be interested in reading your experience. (7 sentences minimum)

  3. Who is Langston Hughes?

  4. Let’s Review • Take out your Thank You, M’ampacket. • Prepare your desks for learning • Place your back packs under your desk. • Remain quiet.

  5. Reading Skill (p.81)

  6. Vocabulary Practice (p.84) • Frail • Presentable • Mistrust • Barren • Mistrust • Frail Answers will vary for the last question. Make sure you used at least two vocabulary words.

  7. Vocabulary Strategy (p.85) • Irregular; not following a regular schedule • Impatient; not patient • Irrational; not rational or logical • Impersonal; not personal or friendly • Irreplaceable; not able to be replaced • Irreversible; not able to be reversed

  8. Reading Check (p.86) • Her purse, or her pocketbook • To her home • A pair of blue suede shoes • She has Roger wash up and then prepares dinner for the two of them • She gives him money so that he can buy the shoes that he wants and so that he won’t steal again.

  9. Question Support (p.87) • Mrs. Jones picks him by the collar and kicks him. • His shoes will burn his feet. • We learned that Roger was poor and could not get the things that he needed. • e eii • B, C, and F. Mrs. Jones is understanding because she has been in Roger’s situation. • Roger wants to deserve Mrs. Jones’ trust. This change shows he has the potential to live up to others’ expectation • Discuss • Discuss.

  10. Grammar and Writing (p.88) • Mrs. Jones’ or Mrs. Jones’s • Women’s • Roger’s • Kids’ • People’s

  11. After the review you may do the following: • Complete the green handout (“Selection Test A”) • Complete both front and back of the handout • Complete both the short (one paragraph) and extended (more than one paragraph) written response. • Staplers are located by the inboxes and by the printer. • Place this handout in the “literature” section of your binder • Work on My Skills Tutor • Check the blog for log in information. • http://Cobblearning.net/mshines

  12. Selection Test A (green sheet) • B • C • A • D • B • C • C • B • C • A

  13. Selection Test A (green sheet) • Short Answer • She is hard working. The story begins at 11pm and she is walking home from work (lines 3-4) • She is understanding. Even though Roger tried to steal from her, she knows what it is like to be young and want nice things. (lines 85-87) • She is kind. She gives Roger money for shoes at the end of the story. (lines 110-111) • He wants to show her that he can be trusted with her money and to return. • Extended response • Roger is probably surprised that a woman he tried to rob ends up taking him home, feeding him, and giving him money. • He probably expected Mrs. Jones would turn him to the police or beat him up. • He reacts to her kindness by trying to show that she can trust him. (lines 95-97) • He wants to say something more than “thank you” to her for her kindness, but he fumbles for the right words, probably because he is so surprised. (lines 117-121)

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