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Pope Rising Freshman Parent Curriculum Meeting

Pope Rising Freshman Parent Curriculum Meeting. Accessing the key to your student’s future in high school and beyond Monday, March 10, 2014. The Sound of Music. March 13-16, 2014. Tickets are now on sale through our online box office at http://www.popetheater.org/ .

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Pope Rising Freshman Parent Curriculum Meeting

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  1. Pope Rising Freshman Parent Curriculum Meeting Accessing the key to your student’s future in high school and beyond Monday, March 10, 2014

  2. The Sound of Music • March 13-16, 2014. • Tickets are now on sale through our online box office at http://www.popetheater.org/. • Ticket prices: VIP – $15; General Admission – $10; Student – $5.

  3. Your Administration Dr. Robert Downs – Principal Loretta Clune – AP Curriculum and 11th Grade Lisa Williams– AP Testing and 10th Grade Joshua Mathews – AP Athletic Director and 9th Grade Nancy Zarbnisky – AP Attendance and 12th Grade Students are assigned by grade level. The administrator changes with the grade level each year.

  4. 4 Pillars of ExcellenceAcademics, Athletics, Fine Arts, Service • Pope scored a 94.1% on the CCRPI index-6th highest score in a traditional high school in the state. • Newsweek ranked Pope as one of the Top high schools in the nation, ranking us 377th overall and 6th in the state of Georgia. • 9 National Merit Semi-finalist and 8 Finalist • 93.79% Graduation Rate- Highest in the district 2 years in a row • 3rd in the Director’s Cup, 3 State Championships and 1 runner-up, Fencing State Champions • Philanthropy- Matt Hobby, SWAG, Habitat, 8000 Volunteer hours

  5. Keys to Success • Get Involved- Fall sports, clubs, Fine Arts • Take advantage of support opportunities- AO, Tutoring • Parents stay involved- PTSA, Foundation, Booster Clubs, Volunteer opportunities • Greyhound Madness- July 29th (Formerly Fall Madness but come on- its in JULY)

  6. Rising Freshman Registration Dates • 8th Graders received registration forms on Monday, March 3 • Completed and signed forms are due back to the Middle School on Friday, March 14 • Private/home school registration packets are available after our meeting tonight at the counselor table in Café • Private/home school registration appointments begin April 7 • Student schedules are created in May • Fall Madness and Freshman Orientation – July 29

  7. Academics and Course Selection Tips • www.popehigh.com– Academics  Registration Information • Graduation Requirements • Class of 2018 Freshman Course Guide • Flow Charts for Class of 2018 • Course level placement is based on teacherrecommendation. • Encourage students to challenge themselves, but to also seek BALANCE in course selection. • Encourage students to be self-advocateswith their teachers and be pro-active. Ask if there are questions about placement!!

  8. Curriculum/Schedule Questions? Please communicate with your child’s current teacher, the Pope subject department chairs, your child’s school counselor, or our administration with questions about placement and scheduling. Loretta.clune@cobbk12.org – Curriculum AP Marti.Schmitz@cobbk12.org – Curriculum Clerk Email contacts for additional Pope personnel can be found on www.popehigh.com Pope counselors will be available by appointment at the Middle Schools for parent questions (Call the Middle School for an appointment): Dodgen – Tuesday, March 11 Hightower Trail – Wednesday, March 12

  9. Department Chairs • Karen Joyce – English • Daniel Sorensen – Math • Jan Titolo – Science • Beth Mulling – Social Studies • Rebecca Hauseman – World Languages • Jessica Kelly – Fine Arts & Gifted Instruction • Lynda Brown – Career & Technology • Jim Haskin – Physical Education • Monica Erwin – Media Center • Marion Lister – Special Education • Kathryn Sax – Counseling

  10. Your Counselors Students are assigned by last name: A – E Kathryn Sax, Department Chair F – Le Leslie Shearstone Li – R Angie Bruce S – Z Jamie Hamrick College and Career Center – Caroline Catts- Xie

  11. Graduation Requirements Units Required English/Language Arts 4 Mathematics 4 Science 4 Social Studies 3 Health and Physical Education 1 CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or Foreign Language 3 Electives 4 Total Units (Minimum) 23 Pathway policies and rules are still being developed at this time, and we will communicate this information as it becomes available.

  12. English/Language Arts • 4 units of English/Language Arts required, including: • 9th Grade - *9th Grade Literature (on-level or honors) • 10th Grade - British Literature (on-level or honors) • 11th Grade - *American Literature (on-levelor honors) or AP Lang • 12th Grade - World Literature, Multicultural Literature, AP Lang or AP Lit *Specifically required for graduation

  13. Mathematics 4 units of Mathematics required, including: • 9th Grade : • Algebra • Geometry • Honors Geometry (H) • Coordinate Alg/Geometry A (H) • Geometry B/Adv Algebra (H) • 10th Grade: • Geometry • HonorsGeometry (H) • Advanced Algebra • HonorsAdvanced Algebra (H) • Geometry B/Advanced Alg. (H) • Pre-Calculus • Accel Pre-Calculus (H) • 11th Grade: • Advanced Algebra • HonorsAdvanced Algebra (H) • Pre-Calculus • Accel Pre-Calculus (H) • AP Calculus AB • AP Calculus BC • 12th Grade: • Adv. Math. Dec. Making • Statistical Reasoning • Pre-Calculus • AP Stats • AP Calculus AB • AP Calculus BC • Multivariable Calculus (H) Support classes may be available for students with IEPs who need additional assistance. A flow chart will be available on www.popehigh.com under Academics  Registration

  14. Science • 4 units of Science required, including: • 9th Grade - Biology or Honors Biology • 10th Grade - Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, or Environmental Science • 11th Grade - Physics, Honors Physics, or AP Physics I • 12th Grade - 4th Science (many choices): • Astronomy, Zoology, Anatomy, H Anatomy, H Chemistry II • AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics I, II, or C, AP Environmental • AP Computer Science (career tech class – may or may not be viewed as a science at an out-of-state college)

  15. Social Studies • 3 units of Social Studies required, including: • 10th Grade - World History (on-level, honors, AP) • 11th Grade - United States History (on-level, honors, AP) • 12th Grade – • ½ unit of American Government (on-level, AP) • ½ unit of Economics (on-level, AP Macro or AP Micro) • Freshman SS electives include World Geography, Honors Geography, AP Human Geography

  16. Physical Education • 1 unit of Physical Education required, including: • ½ unit of Health • ½ unit of Personal Fitness Note: Team Sports, Weight Training, Body Sculpting, Self-Defense, etc. DO NOT meet the Personal Fitness requirement

  17. Elective Requirements • 3 Units from Career Tech and/or Foreign Language and/or Fine Arts • Students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution must take at a minimum two units of the same foreign language; some out-of-state colleges require more • Some out-of-state colleges require 1.0 unit of a Fine Arts or Computer class for admission • 4 additional elective units • Chosen from any category

  18. Foreign Language French, German & Spanish offered • Level I for new language • Level II for rising 9th graders who completed French I or Spanish I in 8th grade for high school credit • Levels III and above are honors • Advanced Placement (AP) is available in all three languages

  19. Fine Arts Programs • Band – Marching, Symphonic, Percussion • Orchestra- Beginning, Inter, Advanced • Chorus – Girls, Mixed, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced • Visual Arts – Drawing, Painting, Applied Design, AP Studio Art • AP Music Theory

  20. Career Electives • Business (including internship) • Computer Science (incl. AP Computer Science) • Culinary Arts • Graphic Arts • Video Production • JROTC (at Lassiter) • Marketing • Engineering (NEW!!)

  21. Academic Electives • English: Yearbook • Social Studies: World Geography, Psychology, Current Issues, Leadership, AP Psychology • Extra Sciences, Math, & Foreign Languages Highly recommended for college!

  22. Pathways…?? • 4 Pathways have been proposed: • Foreign Language • Students must take 3 consecutive Foreign Languages • Fine Arts • Students must take 3 consecutive Fine Arts classes • Career Tech • Students must take 3 consecutive career tech classes • Academic • Students must take at least one grad requirement Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment course in specified courses in English, Math, Science, or Social Studies AND • Students must earn 2 units of the same Foreign Language We do not have guidelines at this time for implementing the pathways – more information will be forthcoming.

  23. Simple 4-year Plan 3 Electives MUST be a combination of Foreign Language, Fine Arts and/or Career Tech One elective MUST be Health and Personal Fitness 4-year college admission requires at least 2 years of the same foreign language (more FL shows greater rigor; some colleges require more)

  24. Middle School Credits • High school credits earned in middle school will be put on the students’ transcripts during 9th grade. • AccelAlg/Geom A, Coordinate Algebra, Honors Coordinate Algebra, Spanish 1, French 1, Visual Art Comp., etc. • These credits are reflected with a “P” for pass and will have no effect on the student’s GPA.

  25. Credits for Promotion Promotion requirements: • 10th Grade- 5 credits, including 1 unit each of math, science & English • 11thGrade– 10 credits, including 2 units each of math, science & English • 12th Grade- 16 credits

  26. Grade Point Averages • Honors - .5 extra quality point EXCEPT: • H 9th Lit • AccelAlg/Geom A • H World Geog APs and Level 4 and above – 1.0 extra quality point (regardless of grade level) A = 4.0 B = 3.0 C = 2.0 D = 1.0 F = 0.0 Pope GPA determines class rank, honor grads, auto insurance discounts, scholarships, college admissions & certain clubs.

  27. Grading and Grade Reports • Your child will receive • 2 progress reports (6 and 12 weeks) and • A final Report Card (18 weeks) • Only the FINAL REPORT CARD grade will appear on the transcript (posted in December and May) • Please remember that progress report grades do not post to the transcripts

  28. Testing Requirements • The State of Georgia requires that all students take End of Course tests (EOCTs) at the conclusion of the following courses: 9th Literature American Literature Coordinate Algebra Analytic Geometry Biology US History Economics The EOCT counts for 20% of the final grade Students cannot exempt the EOCT • Students must also take and pass the Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT) in 11th grade to graduate from high school and walk in the graduation ceremony.

  29. Current HOPE Scholarship • The HOPE GPA DOES NOT appear on the Pope transcript!! • The HOPE GPA uses only CORE courses and is calculated by the GSFC: • English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language • Only AP courses receive .5 extra quality point up to a 4.0 • HOPE Scholarship • pays ~ 80-85% tuition at public GA college • 3.0 HOPE GPA, as calculated by GSFC • Zell Miller Scholarship • Pays 100% tuition at public GA college • 3.7 HOPE GPA, as calculated by GSFC • 1200 SAT (Critical Reading and Math only) or 26 ACT – at one sitting • HOPE Grant • Pays ~ 80-85% of tuition at a Technical College • There is no GPA requirement • A rigor requirement is included for students in Class of 2015 and beyond.

  30. Most Pope students will meet this requirement by taking: • Level 2 and higher of Foreign Languages • Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus and higher • Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy • AP or dual enrollment courses in core subjects (including AP Psychology and AP Comp Sci) See www.gacollege411.org for a list of all courses

  31. Additional Academic Opportunities • Summer School, for credit recovery or advancement • Tuition Night School or NovaNet, for credit recovery • Cobb Virtual or Georgia Virtual, for credit recovery, advancement • Dual Enrollment, for both HS & college credit • Internship, apprenticeship

  32. Please Join PTSA and Get Involved! • Hound Highlights - weekly mail/website • One of the best resources for school information! • You can sign up now at www.popehigh.com! • Programs - Freshman Orientation and Ambassadors are just two of the MANY programs PTSA supports. • Membership-Applications available at Fall Madness and Open House Questions??? Contact information Co-presidents for SY 2013-2014 Cassie Rogers at cassie.n.rogers@lmco.com Laurie Winkler at lauriken@bellsouth.net

  33. Date Reminders • March 14 – Registration forms due back to middle school • April 7-Private/home school registration appointments begin • July 29 – Fall Madness/Freshman Orientation

  34. We look forward to having your student at Alan C. Pope High School Welcome Pope Families of Class of 2018!!

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