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American Revolution study guide answers PowerPoint Presentation
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American Revolution study guide answers

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American Revolution study guide answers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Revolution study guide answers

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  1. American Revolution study guide answers

  2. 1. Who fought in the French and Indian War? What were they fighting over? Britain and France Territory in the interior of North America

  3. 2. What effect did this war have on the colonists? Britain expected the colonists to pay for the taxes

  4. 3. What did the Proclamation of 1763 do? How did it make the colonists feel? Forbid colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains; felt they were denied right to own land (right to property)

  5. 4. What did the Sugar Act do? Which group of people was affected the most by it? Lowered tax on sugar but made it harder to import; traders

  6. 5. What was the Quartering Act? Colonists were forced to house and feed British soldiers in public places

  7. 6. What was the Stamp Act? Who was affected by it? How did colonists react? Required a tax on stamps, which had to be on all legal and commercial documents; colonists; “No taxation without representation”

  8. 7. What were the Intolerable Acts? How did the colonist react? Acts passed by Britain in response to the Boston Tea Party; included closing Boston Harbor and quartering of troops in private homes; called First Continental Congress

  9. 8. What is a Loyalist? What is a Patriot? Person who sided with Britain (aka Tory); person who rebelled against Britain (aka Whig)

  10. 9. Identify the following people:

  11. 10. Where did the first battles of the American Revolution occur? Lexington and Concord

  12. 11. Explain the significance of the Battle of Kettle Creek. Patriot victory in GA; gained much needed supplies to help defeat the rest of the British in Georgia’s backcountry

  13. 12. Why were most Georgians undecided on supporting the rebellion or staying loyal to Britain? Military support, economic support, popular royal governor

  14. 13. What was the main purpose of writing the Declaration of Independence? Justify the war against Britain and declare independence

  15. 14. What was the main purpose of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense? Persuade people of advantages of declaring independence

  16. 15. Who were the three signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia? Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton

  17. 16. Why did both the colonists and the British troops want to occupy Savannah? To control the port and supply line; British controlled Savannah until 1782.