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CRH Akademos

CRH Akademos

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CRH Akademos

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  1. CRH Akademos • CRH Akademos has already existed for 10 years. It is the leading organ for 5 schools, such as: • Paderewski High School • Paderewski Grammar School • College of Information Technology (IT) • “Alles Klar” – Private School of German Language • Paderewski Insitute of Languages

  2. Paderewski High School • Paderewski High School is the secondary school for students who are between 16-19 years old, the school prepares students for the university status schools • Paderewski High School is one of the nine schools in Poland and the only one in the eastern part of Poland which realizes the International Baccalaureate Programme • The school received the authorization in 1999 from the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva • PHS is also the member of UNESCO association • At present there are 170 students, including the group of students from Ukraine • PHS cooperates with Mercyhurst College in USA, which gives the scholarships to former students (20 000 USD annually) • Foreign languages taught at PHS: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russion, Latin

  3. International Baccalaureate • The International Baccalaureate Programme takes 2 years to accomplish and it is introduced in the second and third year of High School studies • Students choose 6 subjects to study, 3 out of the 6 subjects are on higher level, students take 6 subjects in their maturity exams • In the preparatory class (Pre-IB), students have extra hours of English (10 per week) and students learn some subjects in English • IB maturity exam is the alternative to the Polish maturity exam. IB is external examination and it is estimated outside the school by IB Examiners • At present there are about 70 students preparing for IB Programme

  4. Paderewski Grammar School • PGS is a secondary school for students who are between 13-16 • PGS is the only school in Poland which realizes Middle Years Programme preparing for IB classes • The school received the authorization in 2002 • Foreign languages taught in PGS: English, German, French, Russion and Spanish • There are 100 students in PGS • In PGS and PHS students may use Internet Club (permanent connection to Internet) 10 hours per week

  5. Middle Years Programme • The official programme preparing for IB • Students who accomplish the programme receive certificates • Studies are divided into 8 blocks as regards subject matters

  6. Private College of Information Technology (IT) • It gives the profession of IT Technician • Studies in external system lasts 2 years, students after completing a course of study receive a diploma in information technology • At present there are 85 students • The school has two modern computer laboratories with 25 computers connected to the web-side • All Paderewski schools may use the computer laboratories

  7. Language Schools • “Alles Klar” – Private School of German Language and Paderewski Institute of Languages are the authorized Lublin test centre of the European Language Certificates TELC • The schools not only prepare students to take the examination but also conduct international exams at their schools • TELC Certificate is an international document certifying student’s abilities in all language skills • The classes are held in the afternoons • The groups of students from 6 to 12 • There are about 400 students including foreigners • The school Internet Club is free for students (4 hours per week) • The schools use traditional and communicative method of teaching, the Callan method for teaching English • Systematic classes with native speakers

  8. TELC • The international organization, which conducts TELC examinations is International Certificate Conference with its headquarters in Frankfurt on the Maine. • TELC Certificates are a system of language examinations based on the Europe’s Common Framework of Reference for Language learning and are ac-knowledged by the European Council. • Certificate Deutsch (level B1) passed with at least good grade exempts students from the duty of taking the maturity exam in German.

  9. Alles klar! • Alles klar! • It specializes in German language. • It organizes courses for: • International Certificates: ZD, ZDfB, ZMP; • Conversations (with native speakers) • Techical language: Low, Technology, Medicine, Buisness and other.

  10. Paderewski Institute of Languages • It teaches the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish for foreigners • It organizes courses for: • International Certificates (KET, PET, FC, CAE, TELC) • Conversations (with native speakers) • Technical language: Buisness, Technology, Medicine, Tourism and other

  11. LUBLIN • Lublin lies in the middle-east part of Poland. • Lublin is the major cultural and educational centre in this region. • Lublin lies in a close distance from Warsaw (the capital of Poland), it is the distance of 150 km. • However there is a significant difference in prices. • For the purpose of comparison: • In Lublin-to rent the whole flat costs about 200 USD, in Warsaw-it’s about 500 USD; • In Lublin-Private High School fees are about 125 USD, in Warsaw-it’s about 250 USD; LUBLIN

  12. Studies in Lublin • Lublin has about 400000 inhabitants, including 50000 students. • There are 6 university status schools in Lublin, such as: • The Catholic University of Lublin • Maria Curie Sklodowska University • Lublin’s Institute of Technology • The Medical Academy • The Agriculture Academy • College of Management and Administration • College of Journalism • Lublin’s Business School • Foreigners have been the students of these schools for many years.

  13. The region and relics of Lublin • Lublin and its region is the attraction for tourists and guests • In the neighbourhood there are many attractive and worth visiting places: Zamość, Nałęczów, Kazimierz Dolny, Kozłówka, and Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake-District • Lublin received the Location Act in 1364. • The most attractive places to visit in Lublin are the Old Town, the Castle Hill, the Botanical Garden, the Museum of the Lublin Village. • Historical and friequently visited place ( especially by foreign guests ) is the State Museum in Majdanek ( The Monument of Fight and Martyrdom of the Jewish Nation and other Nations during the second World War )