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March 13, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

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March 13, 2014

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  1. Test Coordinators: Final Preparations for the Field Test March 13, 2014

  2. Preparing for Test Day Important Dates Before/During/After Testing Reminders Setting up PearsonAccess for the Computer-Based Field Test Support Q&A *This presentation will be posted online at: Overview

  3. Spring 2014 Field Test Important Dates

  4. PARCC Field Test Schedule Reminder: Students taking the Science NECAP in grades 4 and 8 and 11 will not participate in the Field Test EOY component.

  5. Materials Delivery Summary

  6. Next RIDE Training Webinar RIDE will provide a “PARCC Field Test” webinar especially for Test Administrators/Teachers • Thursday, March 20, from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. - Register here: OR • Thursday , March 20, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. - Register here: Note: Please have teachers register for only one of these two time slots for the “Test Administration for Teachers” webinar as the presentations will be the same.

  7. Spring 2014 Field Test Before Testing

  8. Establish the Testing Schedule Schedule testing for the early part of each testing window to maximize number of available testing days in case of issues In planning schedule, include Total Field Test Administration Times for each session (See Tables 1.1 to 1.8 in Manual for times) Schools must provide all students with the entire amount of Field Test administration time listed for the Session Time and must schedule accordingly Before Testing:Test Scheduling

  9. Testing Times (Computer) NOTE: Time limits are monitored by the Test Administrator, not the computer program.

  10. Testing Times (Paper)

  11. Develop and Implement Test Security Plan Ensure all authorized individuals sign Security Agreement Distribute test materials to and from Test Administrators each test administration day. Test materials must not be stored in classrooms prior to or following the day of administration. Develop a Training Plan Ensure all school staff involved in administering PARCC tests are trained and understand their responsibilities and security protocols Before Testing:Test Security

  12. Develop a Test Administration Logistics Plan Inform students and parents about the PARCC Field Test Plan ahead to provide on test day “accessibility features” (CBT only) for all students and accommodations (PBT and CBT) for ELL/LEP students and students with disabilities Designate appropriate testing spaces (CBT only) Consult with Technology Coordinator to confirm that all computers used for testing meet minimum requirements for computer-based testing (refer to the PearsonAccess User Guide for details on infrastructure and system requirements) Prepare students Before Testing:Logistics Plan

  13. To Prepare Students: Administer Sample Items Tutorial Inform students about prohibited materials Encourage students to do their best Before Testing: Preparing Students Refer to pp. 19-20, 32in the CBT TAM; p.14-16, 28 in PBT TAM

  14. Receive, Document, and Store Materials Remove the Packing List, School Security Checklist, and “Test Coordinator Kit” from Box 1. Count materials received to verify that there is an adequate number for the Test Administrators and students in the school. NOTE: Count through the shrink wrap only. Do not open shrink-wrapped packages before the first day of testing Keep all test materials in a centrally locked storage areas until distributing them to the Test Administrators Test materials must be distributed only on test administration day and must be returned to secure storage immediately after testing. Remind Test Administrators that all test materials are secure and must be returned immediately after testing. Before Testing:PBT Secure Materials Handling

  15. For Computer-Based Testing (CBT), schools will only receive 1 Test Coordinator Manual and 1 Test Administrator Manual for every 20 students testing. The following secure test materials must be printed―up to one week prior to testing—by the Test Coordinator: Student Authorization Tickets.Each test session will have a unique Test Code for each student that will be printed on Student Authorization Tickets. Students will be prompted to enter the Test Code to access the test via TestNav (the browser-based application used to administer PARCC tests). Seal Codes.Seal Codes are four-digit codes used to lock test sessions so that students cannot go ahead to the next session or go back to a previous session that has already been completed. Seal codes are the electronic equivalents of the adhesive tabs that are used to seal sections of paper test booklets. Before Testing:CBT Secure Materials Handling

  16. Final Preparation for PBT and CBT Testing Before the day of testing, Test Coordinators must: Verify testing rooms are set up so students are separated by a reasonable distance to encourage independent work and prevent collaboration Ensure testing rooms are clear of any and all instructional displays The following only applies to Test Coordinators preparing forCBT: Confirm all computers meet requirements needed to administer tests Confirm headphones are available for student use during ELA/Literacy test (may also be used for text-to-speech accommodation on Math test) Print student Authorization Tickets Confirm that proctor caching activities are complete Create computer-based test sessions online Print Seal Codes Before Testing:Final Preparations

  17. 7. For PBT and CBT Testing, Distribute Test Materials: Just Before Testing

  18. Spring 2014 Field Test During Testing

  19. Monitor Test Activity Ensure that Test Administrators are actively monitoring students during testing Investigate and document all testing irregularities and security breaches and report incidents to LEA and/or RIDE Schedule and Supervise Make-Up Testing Students who are not tested on the regular administration date due to illness or other excused absence should be tested on a make-up day Ensure all make-up testing is completed before the end of the testing window During Testing

  20. Scheduled breaks should occur between test sessions, notduringa test session. During the scheduled break, students are permitted to go to the restroom, get up to stretch, and/or get a drink, if needed. During a test session, individual restroom breaks may be provided at the discretion of the Test Administrator. Short breaks may be permitted during a test session at the discretion of the Test Administrator. During Testing:Breaks

  21. The test coordinator or principal must immediately report any concern about breaches in test security or noncompliance with test administration procedures to the district superintendent and to RIDE: Dr. Kevon Tucker-Seeley PARCC Program Manager 401-222-8494 Please instruct test administrators/teachers to contact the test coordinator and/or principal immediately to report all testing irregularities. During Testing: Test Security Breaches and Irregularities

  22. Frequently Asked Questions If all students have completed testing at the end of initial Session Time, can the test session end? Yes What if all students complete testing before the end of initial Session Time – can the test session end then? No What if all students complete testing in the middle of Additional Time Allowed – can the test session end then? Yes (refer to Appendix E in either TAM) During Testing FAQs

  23. Frequently Asked Questions What are the procedures for severe weather or safety threats? Refer to Section 2.13 in either TAM For CBT, what happens if the power or Internet go out during the test? Refer to Section 2.13 in either TAM; prior to testing, consult the TestNav 8 User Guide For PBT, will my students use test booklets or answer documents? Grade 3 – answers in test booklets; Grades 4 through high school – answers in separate answer documents During Testing FAQs

  24. Spring 2014 Field Test After Testing

  25. Collect Materials from Test Administrators: All used and unused Test Booklets and/or Answer Documents (PBT only) Vendor-supplied rulers and protractors (PBT only ) Student Authorization Tickets (CBT only) Numeric, Printed Seal codes (CBT only) Student rosters containing TestNav usernames and passwords (CBT only) Used and unused scratch paper Test Administration Manuals Vendor-supplied Mathematics Reference Sheets (PBT only) After Testing:Collection of Materials

  26. Organize Test Materials for Shipment (see Manual for details) Apply Student Labels After Testing is Complete Prepare Materials for Packing Contact UPS to Schedule Pickup Securely Destroy or Recycle Materials After Testing: PBTOrganization of Materials

  27. After all students have completed all sessions of the test and submitted their responses, manually stop the tests. Refer to the PearsonAccess User Guide for specific instructions. You cannot stop a PearsonAccess Test Session until: All students are in “Completed” or “Marked Complete” status Absent students in “Ready” status have been moved to a make-up PearsonAccess Test Session or have been removed. Do not mark a student’s test complete if the student was absent and is still in “Ready” status. Note: Students should not “Submit” the test in between test sessions. Between testing sessions of each component, students should exit and save the test. When the next session begins, the Test Administrator will need to Resume each student. After Testing:CBT Test Cleanup Activities

  28. Spring 2014 Field Test Setting Up PearsonAccess

  29. The PARCC PearsonAccess website may be accessed at How Do I Access PearsonAccess?

  30. Setup for Field Test • Create TestNav Configuration – (Technology Staff) • Create Test Sessions – (School Test Coordinator ) • Add Students to Test Session – (School Test Coordinator) • Set up Proctor Cache of Test Content – (Technology Staff) • Only after – 1. Test Session(s) Created; 2. Students Added to Session(s); and 3. Test Content Available for Caching • Print Student Authorizations – (Test Administrator) • Start the Test Session – (Test Administrator )

  31. Field Test Setup

  32. Create TestNav Configuration

  33. Completed TestNavConfiguration

  34. Create Test Sessions

  35. Create Test Sessions - 2

  36. Add Students to Sessions

  37. Cache the Test Content

  38. Print Student Authorizations

  39. 3 Versions of Student Authorizations

  40. Start the Test Session

  41. Spring 2014 Field Test Additional Support

  42. Support

  43. Manuals and Training Modules Go to: and select “PARCC” from the pull-down menu.

  44. Training Module Access Go to (you can get here by clicking on “training modules” link under “Related Link” on PearsonAccess site). Once here, just enter your email address to access modules.

  45. Available Modules • “Test Administration” modules that are available include: • Training for Test Administrators, Volume 1 – Computer-Based Testing • Training for Test Administrators, Volume 2 – Paper-Based Testing • Accessibility Features and Accommodations with Computer-Based Testing

  46. Other Online Resources PARCC 2015 “Quick Tips”: PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations: PARCC Field Test FAQs: PARCC Field Test Resources: PARCC Field Test “Top 10”: PARCC General Information: PARCC Manuals: PARCC Online Modules: PARCC Technology: Pearson TestNav Support & Resources:

  47. RIDE Contact Information

  48. PARCC SupportContact Information Call Toll free: 1-888-493-9888 (7:00 am – 9:00 pm EST, Mon. –Fri.) Email: Online Support and Resources: Contact PARCC Support for assistance with: • navigating PearsonAccess • navigating the Training Center • managing student data • setting up test sessions • managing user IDs and passwords • accessing resources • setting up proctor caching • submitting additional orders • shipment inquiries • TestNav

  49. Thank you for your help in coordinating the PARCC Field Test!