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Lesson 6 Day 3

Lesson 6 Day 3. You will need your Reading book. . Question of the Day. What are some goals you can reach if you and your classmates work together? How would you reach these goals? Write about one goal you would like to reach by working with others. How would you work toward this goal?.

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Lesson 6 Day 3

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  1. Lesson 6 Day 3 You will need your Reading book. T62

  2. Question of the Day What are some goals you can reach if you and your classmates work together? How would you reach these goals? Write about one goal you would like to reach by working with others. How would you work toward this goal? T62

  3. Read Aloud Why might someone might want to read a poem again. to enjoy to listen to patterns repetition rhythm rhyme Listen as I read, pay attention to the phrasing. T63

  4. Read Aloud You’ve Got to Work Together You’ve got to work together, That’s what my sister said. For when you work together, You’re sure to get ahead. You’ve got to work together, and then you’ll get things done. When all those hands are working, It might feel more like fun! You’ve got to work together, In everything you do. For when you work together, Good things will come to you! T63 transparency R37

  5. Compound Words • Compound words are made up of two smaller words. • Identify the two words that form these compound words. • mousetrap • mouse + trap • hilltop • hill + top T64

  6. Compound Words • We can build compound words by putting together smaller words. • However, not all combinations of two words make a word that has meaning. • ball base • We can combine these words two different ways. • ballbase baseball • Which word is a real compound word? • door knob • doorknob knobdoor • Which word is a real compound word? T64-65

  7. Compound Words • Help me form a compound word using two of these words together. • sun flash light • sunlight flashlight • ball flake snow • snowball snowflake • mail car box • mailbox boxcar • board score key • scoreboard keyboard T64-65 transparency R40

  8. Compound Words • Combine two of these words to make compound words. inchworm earthworm blackbird birdhouse everywhere everything something classmate classroom teammate T64-65 transparency R40

  9. Fluency • When good readers read aloud, their speech sounds natural. Good readers read in phrases and are careful to pause after punctuation marks. This helps listeners understand what is being read. As you read you should: • read in phrases • using punctuation to guide your pauses. • read smoothly and clearly. T66

  10. Fluency • I’m going to read part of “The Babe and I” aloud. First, I’m going to read without paying attention to punctuation and phrasing. Then, I’m going to read smoothly, paying attention to punctuation. • Follow along with you finger on page 182 as I read the first sentence without paying attention to punctuation, and as I reread it paying attention to punctuation. • Read pg. 182 with me. Remember to pay attention to punctuation. • Reread pg. 182 with a partner. Be sure to pay attention to punctuation. T66

  11. Fact and Opinion • A fact is a statement that can be proven. • An opinion is a statement that tells what someone thinks or believes. It cannot be proven. • Find the sentences that state a fact, and find the sentences that state and opinion. • pg. 163, third paragraph • pg. 180, final paragraph • pg. 183, final paragraph T67

  12. Fact and OpinionCopy the chart below. Write two facts about Babe Ruth and two opinions about him. Babe Ruth let the boy keep the change from $5. Babe Ruth is the world’s greatest baseball player. Babe Ruth was part of the 1932 Yankees. We knew he couldn’t hit a home run every time. T68

  13. T69 SE 186-187

  14. We were lucky... Babe Ruth hits a homerun.. Babe Ruth, the world’s greatest baseball player... Jacob was smart.. Babe Ruth collapses... Babe Ruth was part of the 1932 Yankees... I think the Red Sox pitcher was afraid Babe Ruth would hit a homerun... Practice Book pg. 49

  15. Reading: Paired Selection Why did it take 34 years for another baseball player to break Babe Ruth’s home run record? It was hard to beat sixty home runs in a season. What two events made it possible for boys and girls of all cultures to play baseball? An All-/American Girls Professional Baseball league gave women a chance to play baseball. Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play major league baseball. How is this section different from historical fiction? The time line is factual. Historical fiction is based on events but the story may or may not have happened. T69 SE 86-187

  16. Connections page 188-189 Compare the author’s purpose for “The Babe and I” with the author’s purpose for “America’s National Pastime,” How are they different? The author’s purpose in “The Babe and I” is to entertain, and the author’s purpose in “America’s National Pastime,” is to inform. TT -Text to Text T70-71

  17. Connections page 188-189 Would you like selling newspapers the way the boy in the story did? Explain. No, because the jobs seems too hard. Yes, because the jobs seems interesting and there’s a chance to meet people. TS- Text to Self T70-71

  18. Connections page 188-189 How is life in the United States today different from the way it was during the Great Depression? Few people are out of work today; people do not sell apples on street corners; it costs a lot more money today to go to a baseball game. TW- Text to World T70-71

  19. Build Robust Voc. • embarrass- If you embarrass someone, you make that person feel uncomfortable or ashamed. • If something embarrasses you, are you likely to feel comfortable or uncomfortable? • collapses- When something collapses, it falls down because it is not well supported. • If someone collapses from being in the hot sun in the morning, should that person go to the beach that afternoon? T72-73

  20. Build Robust Voc. (cont.) • contribution- If you help your family reach its goal, you make a contribution to your family • What contribution do you hope to make to your school? • midst- If you are in the midst of something, you are in the middle of it. • If you were in the midst of a lively discussion, would you be interested in it or bored with it? T72-73

  21. Build Robust Voc. (cont.) • initiative- When you take initiative, you make the first step in doing something without being told what to do. • If you show initiative, should you be rewarded? • span- A span is the distance between two points. • How do the life spans of two animals such as an elephant and a mouse compare? T72-73

  22. Build Robust Voc. (cont.) • skim- To skim the surface of something means to move quickly over it, barely touching it. • Did you ever skim stones over the surface of the water? • shabby- Shabby things look old and worn out. • Is it proper to wear shabby clothes when you are going to a fancy party? T72-73

  23. Build Robust Voc. (cont.) • dazed- If you are dazed, you are confused and cannot think properly. • Would a person who is dazed be able to take care of a newborn baby? • elevated- Something that is elevated is lifted up. • Why would it be hard for someone who is afraid of high places to travel on an elevated train? T72-73

  24. Synonyms and Antonyms • She put the coins I earned in our money jar. • What word in the sentence has almost the same meaning as coin? • money • Coins and money are synonyms, words that have almost the same meaning. • The stadium was noisy, not quiet like the street outside. • noisy and quiet are antonyms, they have opposite meanings. T74-75

  25. Synonyms and Antonyms • Writers use synonyms to keep from repeating the same word. They use antonyms to show how things are different. You can use synonyms to help you figure out words you don’t know when you’re reading. T74-75

  26. Synonyms and Antonyms • Identify the synonym or the antonym for the underlined word in each sentence. • I thought the show was the greatest, and my friend said it was the best show she had ever seen. • The elevated station was very high off the street. • Please don’t shout, whisper instead. • Sam thought the test was simple, but I thought it was confusing. • I wasn’t sure that we had sufficient food for the picnic. It turned out that we had plenty. • Jacob and his family seldom had enough money, so they often had to do without new clothes. T74-75

  27. Synonyms and Antonyms • Identify a synonym and an antonym for each underlined word. • The boy felt fortunate that Jacob had told him about selling newspapers. He was very lucky to have such a friend. • Many people were poor and needy in the Great Depression. • The stadium was very crowded and busy. lucky unlucky needy wealthy T74-75 empty busy

  28. Congratulations! You did it. T62

  29. ashamed It has a real person and has events that could happen in the past. They both earn money... By being a famous baseball player... They know people are interested in baseball... He knows how hard his dad worked for the money... Mr. Ruth does not have on his baseball clothes.... He does not have a real job... T62

  30. Essay In 1927, Babe had hit 60 hit 60 home runs in one season. No one broke his record for 34 years. When this story took place, he was the world’s greatest baseball player. His team was the best in the world. T62

  31. DOL ^ , ^ , an and The fans shouted for Babe Ruth and he came out to the field. The man bought a newspaper but he did not buy and apple. The boy paid his neighbor ten cents a day, but she lent him her carriage. T76 & T98

  32. Grammar • She offered to rent the carriage to me for ten cents an afternoon, and I agreed. • We knew he couldn’t hit a home run every time, but at least the Babe was back. • Are these simple or compound sentence? How do you know? T76

  33. Grammar (cont.) How can we change these two sentences into a compound sentence? The pitcher threw wide of the plate four times. He walked Babe Ruth. The pitcher threw wide of the plate four time, and walked Babe Ruth. WB pg. 20 T76

  34. Writing “Here, kid. I’ll take one.” A tall man gave me a five dollar bill.” What does this sentence tell you about Babe Ruth? He is tall. “That’s okay kid. Keep the change.” What does this sentence tell you about Babe Ruth? He is nice and generous. T77

  35. Writing Character Sketch • Describes how a person looks, sounds, or acts • Tells what a person is like • Includes a topic sentence • Includes detail sentences T77

  36. Writing (cont.) • Use your character chart from yesterday to draft a character sketch. • Remember to use a topic sentence and create detail sentences to tell what the character is like. T77

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