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Journal #3
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Journal #3

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  1. Journal #3 • What is a question you have that could be answered by a scientific experiment? Write down the question, materials you would need, and the steps you would take to answer the question.

  2. Journal #4 • Describe the difference between independent variables and dependent variables. Use your notes if needed. Answer needs to be in 3-5 sentences.

  3. Journal #5 • Certain mites in the arctic thrive at an average temperature of -51oC. They also do well at temperatures of up to 27oC. What is the temperature range acceptable to these arctic mites? Show your work and answer in a complete sentence.

  4. Journal #6 • A group of students want to see which brand of tennis ball will bounce the highest: Brand A, Brand B, or Brand C. What is their independent and dependent variables? What would be the steps of their experiment?

  5. Journal #7 • If 91 out of 100 grasshoppers are immune to a pesticide after five years of use, how many would be expected to be immune in a population of 2.4 million after five years of use? Show your work and answer in a complete sentence.

  6. Journal #8 • When you see a polluted area, how does it make you feel? How could pollution be reduced? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  7. Journal #9 • What are some negative consequences of deforestation? What can be done to limit deforestation? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  8. Journal #10 • To protect furry animals, a new law is proposed. The law makes fur coats illegal. Do you support this law? Why or why not? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  9. Journal #11 • You are just elected head of the National Recycling Committee. How do you plan to increase recycling in the country? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  10. Journal #12 • What are three negative effects pollution has on the environment? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  11. Journal #13 • If you were a local politician, not making too much money and a big development company offered you millions of dollars to buy land that is supposed to be a wildlife preserve, what would you do? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  12. Journal #14 • The spotted owl is endangered and lives in a forest. If the forest is not cut down, many families will have no work and no money. If the forest is cut down, the owl becomes extinct. What should be done? Answer in 2 paragraphs.

  13. Journal #15 • If electric cars eliminate emissions and reduce smog pollution, why aren’t they more popular yet? What would have to happen to have people switch over to electric cars? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  14. Journal #16 • We know CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) can damage the ozone layer. CFCs are used in refrigerators and packing materials. Should we stop making refrigerators and packing materials? Why or why not? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  15. Journal #17 • It is feared that we are depleting our ozone and that there will be global warming. What’s so bad about warmer weather? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  16. Journal #18 • If you were the president of the United States, what laws would you propose to protect our environment? Answer in 2 paragraphs.

  17. Journal #19 • You live by the beach and your city wants to put up a nearby amusement park. You love amusement parks but know it means they’ll have to build a massive sea wall that will eventually cause erosion and loss of beach. Do you support the amusement park or are you against it? Why? Answer in 2 paragraphs.

  18. Journal #20 • What should we do with our toxic waste? Answer in 1 paragraph.

  19. Journal #21 • How is the human body like an automobile? How is it different? Answer in one paragraph.

  20. Journal #22 • The nervous system is the body’s most important system. Do you agree or disagree? Answer in one paragraph.

  21. Journal #23 • If you could change one thing about the digestive system, what would you change? Why? • Answer in one paragraph.

  22. Journal #24 • If you could change one thing about the circulatory system, what would you change? Why? • Answer in one paragraph.

  23. Journal #25 • Complete the following comparison: The respiratory system is like___________. Explain your answer in one paragraph.

  24. Journal #26 • What might be the implications on humans if pain were not as extreme? Answer in one paragraph.

  25. Journal #27 • How is your skin similar to a cell membrane? How is it different? Answer in one paragraph.

  26. Journal #28 • Pretend you are a nerve cell that has experienced the effects of a depressant (a drug that reduces functional or nervous activity). Describe what has happened to your function. Answer in one paragraph.

  27. Journal #28 • What is the relationship between the skeletal and muscular systems in completing a movement of the body? Answer in one paragraph.

  28. Journal #29 • What is the relationship between therespiratory and circulatorysystems in delivering oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from all parts of the body? Answer in one paragraph.

  29. Journal #30 • If you were a chromosome, what would the inside of your cell look like as your cell proceeded through the steps of cellular division? Answer in one paragraph.

  30. Journal #31 • How large do you think a single cell could be? How small? Defend your answer in one paragraph.

  31. Journal #32 • Why is it so important that cells group together to form tissues? Answer in one paragraph.

  32. Journal #33 • What might be the result of removing mitochondria from the cells of animals? Answer in one paragraph.

  33. Journal #34 • What would it be like if you were a muscle cell? Answer in one paragraph.

  34. Journal #35 • How is a cell like a small town? How is it different? Answer in two paragraphs.

  35. Journal #36 • What experiment could you design to test movement across a cell membrane? Answer in one paragraph.

  36. Journal #37 • Is global warming a myth or is it real? Defend your position in one paragraph.

  37. Journal #38 • How do human values impact ecological decisions for our global community? Answer in one paragraph.

  38. Journal #39 • As a government official, what would be your top ten list of ecological priorities?

  39. Journal #40 • How could you express in a drawing the importance of conservation on the ecological health of planet Earth? Draw your answer.