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How SEO Can Benefit Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

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How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

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  1. How SEO Can Benefit Your Business SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential digital marketing technique used to help web pages improve their ranking in SERPs (Search engine results pages). Having an effective campaign for your business website can provide you with a full range of benefits whether you are a small business working from home or a large corporation. The first benefit on how SEO can benefit your business is that it can improve UX (User Experience). This focuses on improving your user experience using a host of techniques, such as providing relevant information, offering easy navigation, mobile friendly websites, optimized and high quality images and more. This helps to improve your leads, improve brand visibility and authority, while improving conversion rates with the focus on improving your search engine ranking, helping you climb your way to the first page in results to reach a higher number of users. SEO has become a primary source for leads for many small to medium sized companies. With inbound strategies being highly effective, SEO offers an excellent source for quality leads, B2B marketing and more. Inbound SEO includes content marketing, referrals, social media and more. If you are not generating leads from your current campaign, then you will want to hire a digital marketing agency to help you put an effective campaign in place that will achieve new results. In addition to this, SEO has proven to increase closing rates by more than fourteen percent, when compared to the just under two percent achieved with outbound leads. Cold calling has a much lower conversion rate than the client visiting your website through a search engine. Further, search engine optimization has proven to boost conversion rates. The

  2. conversion rate is the number of visitors to your website that become customers, purchasing products or services that you provide. Your target will become more aware of your brand the more you appear in their search results. Search engine optimisation is appealing to companies of all sizes as it offers excellent cost management, helping you work to the tightest of marketing budget. SEO can help you reduce lead generation by sixty percent, when compared to outboard links. Your advertising costs are dramatically reduced. Once you climb the ranking to the first page, as long as your campaign is maintained, it's difficult to lose the position. This helps you generate leads without having to pay for expensive advertising to reach your target audience. Statistics show that when you have an effective SEO campaign in place focusing on your local SEO campaign, the number of local visitors will visit a store after seeing their site online. Eighty one percent of shoppers will conduct research online before visiting the store and making their purchase. Your brand will build essential credibility when you work to an effective and proven SEO campaign. You want to appear in the top results so your clients can see you as a leader in your industry. It's a fact that people using search engines rely on the information that they find, putting trust into the search engine. As a result, seventy percent of people searching do not go beyond the first page of results. To be credible, you need to be on the first page of results. Speak to an industry professional to assist you in putting a campaign together that will achieve new results. The final and obvious reason why SEO is essential for your business is that it helps to boost brand visibility. Through an effective campaign, you can reach your target audience, making them aware of your brand, your products and services. Genie Crawl is a leading digital marketing agency that is results driven and passionate in providing clients with the best results and first class services. This established boutique agency is backed by more than five years of industry knowledge and experience with a small and dedicated team who provide digital craftsmanship and a no contract service. Genie Crawl offers an extensive range of quality services from the United Kingdom base with more than five hundred completed projects, 96% customer satisfaction and a free site analysis. To find out more, visit