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How Tracking Solutions Can Benefit Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How Tracking Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

How Tracking Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

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How Tracking Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

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  1. How Tracking Solutions Can Benefit Your Business As a business owner, you want to do all you can to reduce the risk of unexplained losses within the workplace. Tracking systems are used by organizations of all types, includng law firms, universities, government bodies and large corporations. Organizations that handle stock, sensitive evidence, mail, packages and more can benefit from these systems. These systems offer a complete range of great advantages that company owners can take full advantage of. We have put together a list of how tracking solutions can benefit your business moving forward, so you are able to make an informed decision on how to proceed and improve your delivery services within your business at all times. The first way your business can benefit from a reliable and effective tracking solution is that it helps to boost productivity levels. Sorting through packages and files for distribution to other departments is time consuming and requires a lot of additional effort. With a tracking solution in place, there is no long process, the item is scanned and sent to the next location with ease and confidence, saving time and in return boosting productivity levels considerably. Another great benefit is that there is an improvement in focus by team members. Being able to sort through assets and items quickly and effectively helps to improve focus in the work place. It reduces stress for employees, improves accountability and boosts productivity levels. Companies can expect to save money by not losing their valuable profits along the way. In addition to this, you will find that accountability within the workplace is improved. Anyone handling any item has to be logged into the cloud-based system using their unique username and password. They are responsible for each package that they scan using the bar code scanner. In the event an item goes missing, you can track it right up to the last person who handled it. Therefore the risk of losses is reduced and an improvement in accountability is achieved. This is a welcome benefit for any businesses of any size. Furthermore, you will find that with accountability improved there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of loss your company experiences. This means less money disappearing, keeping important profits in place. Less loss means you save money rather than simply throwing it away. A company that handles large stock numbers can often find themselves losing thousands each year in loss. Reduce the risk of this happening with a reliable and effective tracking solution. Another way your business can benefit from a tracking system is that you improve your levels of customer service. If you are handling valuable evidence within your law firm, you are able to provide your client with reliable and real-time information on the progress of their case, right down to the department the evidence has been delivered to. In the event you own a retail business, you can immediately identify if you have stock of certain items and you know when to order more, reducing the risk

  2. of disappointing your clients and offering poor service. A great benefit to tracking software is how it helps you to simplify deliveries, suppliers and in-house transfers. When it comes to suppliers you want to have the upper ground, being able to negotiate with them to secure the best deal. With a tracking system in place, you can identify which products move and have the data at your fingertips, giving you the buying power you need when it comes to negotiating with your suppliers moving forward. About Us: WINN Solutions is a leading tracking system software developer. The company has their own delivery software named WITS, which stands for WINN Item Tracking System. The system tracks any item at any time within a company throughout its lifecycle. The software is designed to simplify organization, delivery, tracking, mail, suppliers, in-house transfers and so much more. WINN Solutions offers automatic free upgrades and helps companies boost productivity, reduce costs and identify their return on their investment. To find out more, visit