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How SQL Monitor can benefit your business PowerPoint Presentation
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How SQL Monitor can benefit your business

How SQL Monitor can benefit your business

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How SQL Monitor can benefit your business

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  1. How SQL Monitor can benefit your business

  2. SQL MonitorHow can it benefit your business? SQL Monitor is a SQL Server performance monitoring tool. • It’s lightweight • It shows real-time information about servers • It quickly alerts the database administrator to problems • It presents them with exactly the information they need to make changes fast.

  3. Increase efficiency Using SQL Monitor to help conduct and maintain regular system checks can: • save a database administrator over two hours a day • subsequently save money for the business “SQL Monitor saves me a couple of hours a day, at least. If it’s a really bad day, it probably saves me six hours.” Robbie Baxter, SQL Server DBA, Interactive Intelligence

  4. Avoid potential crises With the Analysis graph in SQL Monitor: • database administrators can gain a better understanding of what is normal for their systems, so that they can quickly judge the severity of a situation • risks are reduced • uptime improves “A few weeks ago I noticed that the I/O on one of my production servers was much higher than normal. Using SQL Monitor I was very quickly able to determine the cause of the problem. Without SQL Monitor I might not have noticed the problem for several more hours.” David Smithey, SQL Server DBA, Curves International

  5. Enjoy future-proof planning View data growth and performance metrics over time to: • make accurate predictions about future growth • make informed decisions about infrastructure investment • avoid costly bottlenecks caused by lack of capacity “SQL Monitor allows me to easily present information. This means we can use the tool to help with capacity planning and to work across the whole organization to make proactive changes to the system.” Aaron Kolysko, SQL Server DBA, Monsoon Commerce

  6. Bespoke monitoring that grows with your business • you can monitor issues specific to your business by adding your own custom metrics to SQL Monitor • SQL Monitor will fully support your monitoring needs as your business grows No matter how complex your system: “I want to know if there is a spike [in blog comments], as nine times out of ten, it means a spammer has hit the site and I have some scrubbing of content to do... Custom Alerts continuously delivers these numbers to me, meaning I can spend less time running queries and more time building features.” Geeks with Blogs

  7. Access the data with ease SQL Monitor’s web-based interface is accessible from mobile devices and desktop machines. No matter where they are, team members can: • view data • check server health • respond to alerts …all before users notice. “SQL Monitor allows me to monitor my systems and respond to issues on a plethora of devices. I have been informed of issues while in church, late at night as I go to bed, on my phone while driving somewhere, and other random places.” TJay Belt, Database Administrator

  8. Access the data with ease SQL Monitor brings real business benefits, to real people. Next Steps: • Read more experiences of SQL Monitor from real customers at: • Contact us for a demo or to speak to a member of the Sales team at: