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Art deco

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Art deco

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  1. Art deco Adie Ruff

  2. ART DECO 1925-1939 You are most likely to see geometric shapes and angles in the building layouts. these buildings normally have odd shaped rooms, wild colors, and many glass windows . When you walk into an art deco house it will feel surreal and almost like your in the future. Materials that you will most likely see are ebony, steel, marble and rare and expensive types of wood.

  3. Birth of technology There were many historical events that happened in the era of art deco, but the event that had the most effect on my style was the coming of technology In this era the radio, television and car became extremely popular. These weren’t the only inventions. Technology itself was reborn. The time for this was from the late 1920s to through the 1930s These events had an effect on my style by introducing a modern era with fresh ideas and a new wave of thinking. It brought imagination and a yearn for change.

  4. Surrealist Movement surrealist art surrealist architecture Abstract expressionism and surrealist art are two movements that happened in the time of my architectural style. This movement was in the late 1930s to the early 1940s and on. These two art examples both emphasis on freeing the imagination and making the art an unexplored dream world. This represents art deco in every word. When art deco first came out people thought it was a dream and something new

  5. Adie’s Building Hoover building architecture firm Wallis Gilbert and partners The original building was built in 1932. since then architects have been expanding until 1938 Geometric shapes and angles.It has bright colored faience (glazed ceramic inspired by ancient Egypt

  6. Adie’s art Calamity 2002 Shawn McNulty There are obvious geometric shapes in it. But mainly I see imagination and it seems like its futuristic.

  7. Adie’s floor plan Chateau Deco located in I made my house resemble my architectural style by using a lot of geometric shapes and modern patterns. Also wide open spaces with a lot of windows. this shape of the garden area and patio also help create that surreal life.

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