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Which Type of Surveyor Do You Need & Why

As quantity surveyors in Newcastle deal with all cost-related concerns, they work closely with different professionals. These include (but are not limited to) architects, insurance underwriters & all levels of concerned government authorities.<br>

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Which Type of Surveyor Do You Need & Why

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  1. Which Type of Residential Survey Do You Need & Why?

  2. Planning to develop your piece of land in Newcastle? Whatever the nature of your development or construction project is, surveying should be done prior, during & after it. On that, each project requires various types of data & documentation. And preparing these requires conducting several surveys from quantity surveying to site surveying in Newcastle. A single surveyor will not be able to perform all of these. Hence, you need to hire specific surveyors at each stage of your project. To help you, we will discuss the common types of surveyors and their responsibilities in this article.

  3. Land Surveyors Land surveyors measure and map out the boundaries of a piece of land. They also locate and map out its features. Usually, they are the first professionals to go on-site. The data they provide is critical to other building industry professionals as it helps in the design & planning. Depending on the requirements, land surveyors who perform site surveying in Newcastle conduct different types of survey. Below are a few of those.

  4. Detail Survey Also known as a contour or topographical surveying in Newcastle, this locates & maps out the features in & adjacent to the property. It also measures the land’s different elevations. Identification Survey Also known as boundary survey, it establishes the boundaries of the property along with any easements. This is usually conducted for legal purposes such as in a contract of sale. Flood Survey A flood survey checks the flood risks of a property. If yours is in a low-lying area, authorities will only release the building permit once this survey has been conducted & the necessary plan is in place based on the survey results.

  5. 3D Scanning & Modelling While not a survey type, this method greatly aids building industry professionals. It provides much better & accurate visualisation of the data gathered. Achieving the best design & planning is made possible with 3D Modelling. Newcastle professionals agree that 3D scanning & modelling is a great innovation for the industry.

  6. Quantity Surveyors Quantity surveyors in Newcastle are responsible for managing the costs in construction projects in all its stages. They are also called Construction Economists or Cost Managers. During the design & planning stage, they ensure that the design remains within the allotted budget. Afterwards, they create the Bill of Quantities which states the materials & labour needed. Contractors use this in submitting their tenders or proposals. Then once construction commences, they fairly value progress payments at specific intervals. They also value any changes to the design or quantities.

  7. Building Surveyors Similar to quantity surveyors, building surveyors are also involved throughout the construction project. In essence, they ensure that the structure is sound; that it’s safe, accessible & as energy-efficient as possible. On the onset of a project, a building surveyor assesses the required documentation for a building permit & releases it. During construction, they conduct inspections (or hire a building inspector to do it for them) to check if a project is being done correctly. They make sure that the work underway follows applicable safety regulations. Lastly, they issue an occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection once construction is done & it passes their final assessment.

  8. Final Words With all things said, surveyors play an important role in any development or construction project. From quantity surveying to site surveying in Newcastle, they provide critical data to make sure all aspects of construction goes as smooth as possible. On this, property owners should only hire licensed surveyors to guarantee that the highest quality of work is done. And that problems which may arise will be addressed accordingly.

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