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  1. By: Chiquito, Liz My Opinion’s

  2. Seriously I love Twilight! I love Twilight because my favorite monsters in the world are in it and my favorite animal to! There are vampires, werewolves, and my favorite animal wolves. My favorite character is Nessy. I like Nessy because she's a young 10 year old girl. She's misunderstood and because people think she's human. That started a war. She's a vampire but her parents were a vampire man but her mom is human. The other vampires think Nessy is a human just like her mom. But at the end of the first movie Bella her mom, became a vampire. Nessy’s dad told the others that Nessy is a vampire but the other vampires think he's lying. This is why I love Twilight and why you should read it or watch the movie.

  3. Mmmmmm. I love cupcakes! Cupcakes are my favorite food because when I was 8 years old my little sister had a party she was turning 5. The day of the party was Sunday one of my favorite days. One of my little sisters favorite days to. My sister wanted her party to be Sleeping Beauty themed because her favorite princess is Rose sleeping beauty's real name. Then at the end of the party there was fluffy little cupcakes. They looked like a royal cupcake and it smelled really good! My cousins and I each got one. My sister was as happy as any little girl can be I was just happy that she was happy. This is why I love cupcakes.

  4. Huuuu! What will happen next? My favorite book is Dork Diaries because they always have so much drama. My favorite character is Nikki because she's funny and she's always in trouble. Dork Diaries also go up to book number 10. There all about a different dramas but they all have one thing in common they all have one person that's in there yes Nikki and a girl named Mackenzie. The book I'm reading now is number 5 tales from a NOT-SO- smart Miss Know-It-All. These are the reasons you should read Dork Diaries.

  5. Hahah this is so much fun! I love shopkins! My favorite toy is a shopkin. If you don't know what they are they are little mini copy's of things in the real world. The only difference is that the shopkins have faces the entire face is paint some people even customise the faces! My favorite thing about them is how cute small and realistic they look. Some of my favorite shopkins are Cheky Chocolate and Apple Blossom. You can find shopkins at Toys R Us. Shopkins are only $3.00. These are the reasons why I love shopkins and why you should get them too.

  6. I'm the best person to ask when it comes to skydiving. I know that when it comes to skydiving you need it to be really windy outside. They also make you put on a helmet and baggy clothes. Here are some tips if you skydive never look down keep your head up so no air gets in your nose. Never look down because I had a cousin who was 11. Looked down and her stomach felt funny finally she didn't want to do it anymore. I also know that if you are afraid of heights I know how you feel. I was afraid too. But if you really want to skydive there is a place called IFly. That's like skydiving but indoors. If it is your first time there there's a trainer inside with you and he moves you around. If it's your second time there you move yourself. That's why I'm the best to come to if you have a question about skydiving.

  7. Persuasive LETS RAISE MONEY! I think that Piper is a great school all the way from kindergarten to 5th grade. Piper has many after school programs like Green team, Sports club, Travel club, Piper also has many great teachers like Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Magos, and Ms. Grimes. Piper is very loved and wanted to stay standing. Many memories have been made at Piper like the time I won the raffle and got a necklace that had mini mouse on it and how all the others wanted it.It was fun, when I got a book at the book fair, I loved spending time with my family at family fun nights, my cousins best friend named Jessie playing in the boys basketball team, all never forget the schools fair. So please please raise money for our school.

  8. LETS RAISE MONEY! I love this school I've been at this school for 4 years. This school has never had a fire a hard lockdown a accident. Unlike other schools who I'm sure had accident like those. Also if all the 100-DS get shut down where we all go? These are the reasons I think this school should be left alone. Opinion

  9. I love Taylor Swift! I love Taylor Swift’s music is calming because whenever I'm angry at someone I get my iPad go on YouTube and type in Taylor Swift and I listen to it until I feel better. Taylor Swift has a lot of songs like Bad Blood, Wildest Dream, and my favorite I knew you were trouble. Taylor sometimes sings her songs in public. A lot of people like her songs. This is why you should listen to her songs.

  10. I think you should be able to watch a lot of tv. Because it could help you do things you don't want to do. Like let's say you’re stressed out from you getting into a fight with your friend and nether of you want to apologize. Then you see that the tv character is sad because the same thing happened. And they apologize and you do the same thing. Tv can also teach you a lesson like to beware of strangers and not to open the door to anyone. Or let's say that you want to prank your cousin and you see that the character does the same thing and you see what happens. And you don't want to do it. This is why you should watch a lot of tv.

  11. Everybody has to go on a field trip! Learning, exploring, experiencing. Field trips can teach you something new and exciting. Like on my field trip I learned about weather at the museum of stance and industry. If I didn't go there I wouldn't have know how a tornado was made. Tornadoes are made out of warm and cold with some clouds. Once tornadoes hit the ground it could cost a lot of damage. Field trips can be exploring old, new, or dangerous stuff. Like on my field trip I got to explore an old exhibit. The exhibit was full of amazing things. A girl named Jessica showed us how to test things like she made a swing for balls that we had to test how it started the same but ended different. And it was super fun! Experiencing is one of the many thing you do on a field trip. On my field trip I experienced amazing things. My friend Amadis went in huge fake tornado. And after she got out I asked her how it felt and she said kind of wet and cold. Or when I got to see flying balls. This is why you should be able to take field trips.

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