work of the st petersburg public centre for environmental information as the ccb information centre n.
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by Dr. Alexander Feodorov CEI PowerPoint Presentation
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by Dr. Alexander Feodorov CEI

by Dr. Alexander Feodorov CEI

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by Dr. Alexander Feodorov CEI

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  1. Work of the St. Petersburg Public Centre for Environmental Information as the CCB Information Centre by Dr. Alexander Feodorov CEI 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  2. What is the St. Petersburg Public Centre for Environmental Information? (1) CEI is a joint programme presently supported by • Cente of Environmental Initiatives • Children of the Baltic • Transboundary Environmental Information Agency 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  3. What is the St. Petersburg Public Centre for Environmental Information? (2) The St. Petersburg Public Centre for Environmental Information (EcoInfoCentre) is an office and a resource centre for environmental NGOs and activistsm, different programmes, activities and meetings. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  4. What is there at the EcoInfoCentre in St.Petersburg? The Eco InfoCentre has for its visitors: • A library of environmental publications (over 1500 titles); • A collection of environmental videos; • Terminals for free access to internet resources on the environment; • Free copies of publications; • “hot green phone line”; • Consultation by experts. The EcoInfoCentre organises conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables etc. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  5. The CCB information is an important component at the EcoInfoCentre • The EcoInfoCentre has almost all the CCB publications and all CCB publications in Russian language. • Free copies of all these publications are available at the EcoInfoCentre. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  6. The CCB information on small hydropower • Russian translation of the CCB report No 2002:2 “The biologigal cost of hydropower”. • It has four appendices prepared by the Centre for Environmental Initiatives about dams in the Leningrad region and comments by Biol. Dr. Sergey Anatsky. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  7. The CCB publications on sustainable wastewater treatment • Upgrading wastewater treatment in a small village • Sustinable wastewater treatment for single family homes • Guidelines for using Urine and Blackwater diversion Systems in Single-Family homes. (Covers of Russian publications as photos) 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  8. The CCB publications on sustainable development • Russian translation of the CCB report “National and local LA21 in the Baltic Sea region countries”. Updated and published by Children of the Baltic. It is distributed, like other publications in Russian, in all russian.speaking regions in the Baltic Sea Area. (photo: cover of the booklet) 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  9. Presentation of CCB publications at press conferences • Publications of CCB materials in Russian are usually presented at press conferences at the Regional Press Institute. This results in publishing Information on TV, radio and newspapers and in additional interviews. • (Photo: At a press conference) 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  10. Distribution of CCB materials • The CCB materials are distributed at conferences, seminars, round tables, trainings. • Photo: International conference “ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY: Nature and society”, 2-3 April 2004, Centre for Environmental Information, St.Petersburg, Russia 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  11. The CCB materials are distributed at outdoor actions Photo: Giving out brochures and leaflets during the action in Lomonossov (town near St.Petersburg) 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  12. Actions for collection and distribution of information on the state of river and coastal ecosystems Photo: Moving Environmental Conference (each summer) . Organised by Centre of Environmental Initiatives and Children of the Baltic. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  13. The EcoInfoCentre as the networking and resource centre for water activities The EcoInfoCentre works as the networking and resource centre for NGO activities on water and information issues. It is an important part of the following networks: • Network of intersectoral (NGO-GO) Environmental Information Centres in the NW Russia • NW Russia River Network; • NGO round table for sustainable initatives (wastewater, agriculture... etc.) 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  14. The EcoInfoCentre helps to join NGO efforts in protection of the Baltic Sea environment Photo: Signing the joint letter concerning the state of the river Strelka basin. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  15. Plans for the future (1) Publication and distribution of the CCB materials: • Exhibition “Ecotechnologies in wastewater treatment” (CEI), • Report “Checking coastal conservation” (CB), • Map “Rivers of the Baltic Sea Basin” (CEI), • Book and CD “Our Habitat Values” (CB), • Booklet on sustainable river basin management (CB); • Many others 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  16. Plans for the future (2) • New projects within the CCB priority areas – e.g. on sustainable agriculture; • Extension and strengthening of existing networks; • Development of information database on international and Russian water legislation; • New, larger office. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  17. Conclusions • The St.Petersburg Centre for Environmental Information successfully works as the CCB Information Centre for three and a half years already. • The need for the CCB information entr in Russia has become evebn greater after the recent EU enlargement, when the Baltic Sea has become an inland sea of the EU and Russia • Urgent is the need for experience exchange in successful implementation of public participation. 3rd CCB WFD Seminar

  18. Thank you! 3rd CCB WFD Seminar