welcome to american government n.
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Welcome to American Government

Welcome to American Government

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Welcome to American Government

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  1. Welcome toAmerican Government 2012-2013 Mr. Gilmer Room 509

  2. Introductions • Mr. Gilmer • Born and raised in South Bend, IN • Attended college at the College of Charleston in South Carolina • Married and moved to Arizona in 2002 • Masters in Educational Leadership at NAU • National Board Certified Teacher • Ninth year at Higley High School

  3. Introductions • Mr. Gilmer • What I did this summer • Tried to get back in the gym…slow process • Hung out with my boys • Traveled the country by RV for 4 weeks with my wife and kids. Over 4000 miles and LOTS of fun HOBBIES • Camping, traveling, gym, home improvement projects, working on cars. Love the outdoors!

  4. Classroom Expectations • Bring all your class supplies with you! • Pencil or Pen, and any work assigned with you to class • Arrive to class on time • Don’t get sent to sweep • Be positive. Nobody wants to be around someone who complains all the time. • Check the class website regularly • Respect the classroom, other students, the teacher, guests, substitutes, and yourself.

  5. SWEEP • Sweep is the program that our school has instituted to help you be successful • You must be IN THE CLASSROOM when the bell rings. • It’s probably best to be in your seat. If you aren’t completely in the door when the bell STARTS to ring, you will be swept. • Remember, if I think you were late, and you don’t… You lose.

  6. Using the Bathroom • Using the restroom during class is a privilege, please don’t abuse it. • You will be permitted to use the restroom when you have to “go.” • The pass will not be used during the first 15 minutes or last 10 minutes of class. • If you have to go so bad that it’s an emergency situation in the first 3 minutes of class, then you knew you had to go before class started. • If the pass becomes overused, it’s use will be restricted.

  7. Classroom Rules • NO: Cell phones • If I see your cell phone, it will be taken and turned in to the Discipline Office. • Yes, this applies if it’s just sitting on your lap or your desk but it’s not on. Keep it put away during class. • Really, how important are your texts? • NO: I-Pods, MP3 Players, Music Players, or Headphones • If I see any of these items, they will be taken them and turned in to the Discipline Office • NO: Food or Drink • If you have food or drink, it needs to be thrown out before you sit down. • You MAY have a sealed water bottle on your desk. No, Gatorade is not water. No, a cup of ice is not water, either.

  8. Classroom Rules • NO: Backpacks, Purses, Dufflebags, ect. On the desk. • Keep your bags on the floor, at all times. • NO: Putting on make-up in class. This is not a day spa. If it was, I’d be much happier. • This includes brushing your hair, using hair spray, putting on nail polish, brushing your teeth, or anything else that you’re supposed to do before you leave for school in the morning. • NO: Sleeping in class. • I don’t want you to die. • NO: Foul Language • If you don’t follow the rules, they can be recorded on written warning sheets and classroom behavior contracts.

  9. Late Work in the Classroom • Work is due by the date and time listed. • Exceptions I may allow: You come in to ASP because you need help or email me for an extension.

  10. Making up Tests and Quizzes • If you miss a short quiz: • You will be excused from up to TWO (2) quizzes per semester due to absences. • After two quizzes, you must come in before school or during lunch to make up the quiz. • If you miss a test: • You must come in before school, after school, or during lunch to make up the test. • You must come and schedule a time within TWO (2) days of returning from an absence.

  11. Grading Procedures • Grades are posted in genesis and will be updated throughout the semester. • If you need your login, ask the librarian • Grading breakdown is as follows: • Tests and quizzes 35% • Assignments 35% • Bellwork / Participation 10% • Projects 10% • Final Exam 10%

  12. Helpful Hints to Being Successful Do your work. Don’t fail at the end of the year because you were to lazy to do bellwork at the beginning of class or had your friends email you every assignment. Have Fun. Not every day at school is a winner. Some sets of notes or assignments are boring, but you have to do them. Just keep a good attitude and time will fly by. Know the lines and don’t cross them. Be respectful, don’t curse, and act like you know you should, not how you think you can get away with. Do your best. If you simply do your best, I promise you that you will be fine in this class. If you’re lazy or apathetic, it will reflect in your final grade.