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American Government PowerPoint Presentation
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American Government

American Government

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American Government

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  1. American Government

  2. The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution, wanted to form a government that did not allow ONE PERSON to have too much AUTHORITY or control. King George III of England

  3. While under the rule of the British King they learned that this could be a very bad system. King George III

  4. The Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration Of independence This document would Separate the Colonists from their ties to England

  5. The Founding Fathers also wrote the Constitution TheConstitution is the Highest law in the United States. All other laws come from the Constitution. It tells how the Government works.

  6. The Founding Fathers decided to SEPARATE The POWER so no one part would have More power than Another This is called the system of Checks & Balances

  7. Today The United States Government is divided into 3 parts They are called the 3 Branches Of Government

  8. The 3 Branches Of our government

  9. The 3 Branches ARE: Executive Legislative Judicial

  10. Each Branchhas its own Responsibilities and at the same time they collaborate to make the country Run Smoothly The Constitution alsoassures us that the Rights of Citizens are Not Ignored or Disallowed

  11. LEGISLATIVE Branch • Divided into 2 groups: • Senate and the House of Representatives • Makes Laws • Approves Presidential Appointments • Has 2 Senators Elected from each State • The number of Congressman is based on population

  12. LEGISLATIVE Branch

  13. Judicial Branch • Decides if Laws areConstitutional • Are Appointed by the President • There are only 9 Supreme Court Justices • Appoints Federal Judges • Can Overturn Rulings by Other Judges

  14. Judicial Branch

  15. executive Branch • Includes President, Vice President, & • Executive Cabinet • Signs Laws • Vetoes Laws • Pardons People • Elected every 4 years • Appoints Federal Judges

  16. executive Branch The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 Executive Departments They are the Secretaries of: Agriculture Transportation Labor Health State Homeland Security Commerce Veteran’s Affairs Housing & Urban Development Energy Attorney General Interior Defense Treasury Education

  17. executive cabinet

  18. executive Branch • Natural-Born US Citizen • At Least 35 years old • Must live in the US • for 14 years President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

  19. U.S. Presidents to see all of the Presidents of the United States of America

  20. Electing a president

  21. Election 2012 Election Day is held on the very first Tuesday in the month of November according to Congress written back in 1845. This year, that day will be November 6th. Many US citizens were farmers back then and November was a good time to hold elections because by then the crops would have been harvested.

  22. Election 2012 Presidential Elections have been held since 1789. Since 1792, the US Constitution has required that Presidential Elections be held every 4 years. This year’s election will be the 57th Presidential race in US history.

  23. The candidates

  24. The candidates President Barack Obama has been nominated to run for re-election as the Candidate for the Democratic Party. A President can only serve two (2) terms, which is equal to 8 years.

  25. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only person  to be President for more than two terms. He served from March 4, 1933 until his death on April 12, 1945, (12 years and 39 days), Longer than any other President.

  26. Vice President Joe Biden has been once again asked to be President Obama’s running mate in this Election.

  27. Democratic Party TheDemocratic Partyplatform includesEqual Opportunity, Protecting the Environment,and Healthcare for Everyone Famous Democratic Presidents include:Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

  28. The Candidates The Republican Nominee is Former Governor Mitt Romney Of Massachusetts

  29. Paul Ryan, a former US Congressman from Wisconsin has been asked to be Romney’s running mate in this Election.

  30. republican Party TheRepublican Partyplatform includesRebuilding the Economy, Creating Jobs,and  Reforming Government Famous Republican Presidents include:Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, andGeorge W. Bush.

  31. It takes a lot of work and many months to be elected president.  People vote during the state primaries and caucuses. That helps each party decide who to choose as their candidate.

  32. The candidates try to get peopleto vote for them by giving speeches, shaking hands, giving interviews, and paying for ads on TV, radio, in newspapers, and on the internet.

  33. Voting Rights • 18 years old • A US Citizen • Registered to Vote

  34. Popular vote The Popular Vote is the actual number of votes cast by the American public. This number determines who wins each “State”

  35. Electoral College A nominee needs a majority of the electoral votes to win the presidency. You'll notice, on election night, that the TV commentators keep track of the states each nominee wins. They add up the number of electoral votes that each state win represents.

  36. Electoral College Let’s take a closer look at the Electoral College map of the United States.

  37. Electoral College The first candidate that reaches 270 votes to win the Election

  38. At the beginning of every decade, or every ten years, the government takes a census to determine the population of each state. It might lose electoral votes if a state's population has decreased. It may receive more electoral votes than it previously had if a state's population has increased. The most recent electoral map was drawn up after the 2000 census.

  39. You can cast your own vote online at: