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Belarusian State Technological University PowerPoint Presentation
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Belarusian State Technological University

Belarusian State Technological University

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Belarusian State Technological University

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  1. Belarusian State Technological University E.T. KRUTSKO 12-13 November 2001 Milan, Italy

  2. Background • The history of the BSTU dates back to 1919 and 1920 • In 1993 the Institute was granted the status of University for fundamental training of specialists of all ranks and the extension of the scope of specialization

  3. Current Activities - Educational • forestry and utilization of forest resources • chemical technologies and biotechnologies • special-purpose machines and equipment • automated control systems • engineering industry; metrology • standardization and certification • printing and publishing • economics • power engineering • professional training

  4. Current Activities - Scientific Research The spectrum of our scientists’ research is quite extensive. • perspective materials • progressive technologies • machines and tools • modern research methods in forestry chemical industry • polygraph production and others

  5. Main Trends in Research

  6. The Regulation of Properties of Polyimides • With the help of computer modeling with the known valency angles and chemical bond lengths we have constructed the most stretched conformations of polyimide macromolecules of various chemical compositions • A conformational parameter was introduced for the quantitative characteristic of their convolution degree within their identity period • A full chain of quantitative correlations was established • We have formulated the principles to regulate polyimide charactersitcs • Our research demonstrates the possibility to obtain polypyromellitimide-based materials with improved and new properties

  7. Express method for polymer pipes longevity estimation Express method is based on the physical chemical correlation between longevity of polymer material and its activation energy of thermo oxidative destruction Advantages: • Quickness • Low consumption of material and energy • Enough precision in determination of longevity • Quality control

  8. Stabilization of polyolefine and elastomer compositions by hindered amines Objects of the investigation: polyolefines nad vulcanizates on the basis of all-purpose rubbers Stabilizers: series of hindered amines synthesised by new technologies Results: • HA-containing polyolefine compositions with high resistance to photo and thermal oxidative degradation • complex protective action of the combinattioons of stabilizers of p-phenylenediamine type and HA • optimal ratios of stabilizers in the combinations • higher efficiency of the developed combinations of stabilizers was gained to protect rubbers from fatigue

  9. International Cooperation • Joint projects with major international funds of UNESCO, INTAS, COPERNICUS • Joint Sweden-Finland-Belarus project of strategic development of forestry in Belarus up to 2015 • Monitoring of environment — joint researches with Belostok Polytechnical Institute • Researches on photopolymerization of monomer at the University of Monpelie-2 (France) • Joint researches with Salonica University (Greece) in the field of physics and theoretical mechanics • Joint researches of road constructions and methods of road covers reinforcing with Warsaw Roads and Bridges Research Institute

  10. Russia Ukraine Lithuania Latvia USA England France Germany Belgium Finland Sweden Poland SAR Czeck Rep. China CIS states International Partnership Partners of the BSTU are chemical and technological, polytechnical, agrarian and forestry higher educational institutions

  11. Contact Information Belarusian State Technological University 220050 13a Sverdlov St., Minsk, Republic of Belarus Tel.: (8-017) 226 14 32 Fax: (8-017) 227 62 17 E-mail: