napoleon forges an empire n.
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Napoleon Forges an Empire PowerPoint Presentation
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Napoleon Forges an Empire

Napoleon Forges an Empire

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Napoleon Forges an Empire

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  1. Napoleon Forges an Empire PG. 663-667

  2. Coup d’Etat • 1799, the Directory lost control of the political situation and the support of the French people. • Napoloeon takes action in November 1799 and surrounded the national legilslature and drove out its members • Leads the remaining directors to establish a consul – Napoleon is voted as one of its members • This assault led by Napoleon became known as a coup d’etat

  3. Napoleon Rules France • Napoleon pretends to be the constitutionally chosen leader of a free republic. In 1800, a plebiscite was held to approve the constitution • Napoleon supports the laws that resulted in the Revolution – why is this smart? • Napoleon sets up a smart method of tax collection and established a national banking system (establishes a stable economy.) • He dismissed corrupt officials and replaced them with trained officials and established public schools (lycees).

  4. Napoleon Rules France • Napoleon signs a concordat with Pope Pius VII – this establishes recognizes the Influence of the Church, but ignores the Church during national affairs (separation of Church and State). • This gives Napoleon the support of the Church as well as the majority of French people.

  5. Napoleonic Code • Napoleonic Code is considered his greatest work. • Gave France a uniform set of laws. It actually limited freedom and promoted order and authority over individual rights. • Freedom of speech is restricted. The code also restores slavery in the French colonies in the Caribbean.

  6. Napoleon is crowned as Emperor • In 1804, Napoleon decides to make himself Emperor and the French supporters voted to support him. • On December 2, 1804 is appointed Emperor. • He takes the crown from the Pope and places it on his own head - why is this considered bad?

  7. Napoleon Creates an Empire • Napoleon is not content with ruling just France, he wants to expand the empire to the West (Louisiana, Florida, French Guiana and the French Indies) • In 1789, the ideas of the French Revolution hit the planters in the West Indies. They demanded the National Assembly give them freedom • In 1801, Napoleon decided to take back the colony but the French forces are depleted by disease and the rebels were fierce fighters. • Napoleon cuts his losses and decides to sell Louisiana for $15 million. • Two positives: 1. Gain money to finance operations in Europe. 2. He would punish Britain (gives Britain an Empire)

  8. Conquering Europe • Napoleon turns his attention to Europe • Britain convinces Russia, Austria, and Sweden to join them in taking down France • Napoleon crushes the opposition – could never guess his next move and took heavy losses. • Forces the rulers in Austria, Prussia, and Russia to sign peace traties

  9. Battle of Trafalgar • Napoleon loses only one major battle when trying to conquering Europe – naval defeat. • Battle takes place in 1805 off the coast of Spain – British commander Horatio Nelson (just as brilliant as Napoleon but on the sea) • Destroyed the French fleet • 1. British supremacy in the navy for next 100 years • 2. Forced Napoleon to give up plans in conquering Britain.