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Goals and Guidelines

Goals and Guidelines

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Goals and Guidelines

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  1. Goals and Guidelines A list of responsibilities and expectations. Mr. Atkinson’s Class 2014-2015

  2. Welcome! I am so glad each and every one of you are here! Your input is incredibly important in this class. In order for everyone to have a chance to participate and benefit as much as possible from our time together, I have developed a list of expectations. I am sure you will see how these are designed with you, the student, in mind. Thank you so much for also allowing your fellow students to have a say in how our class is run, now and for future students. Mr. Atkinson

  3. Wolverine Law is written in blood! • Bring all materials to class each day. (book, notebook, pen/pencil, etc.) • Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings. • Follow classroom procedures. • Be respectful of your fellow classmates and adults. • Be respectful of other people’s property. “Just a friendly warning, If you don’t do these things, you will get ripped to shreds!” – Wolverine

  4. Goals • We are here to prepare everyone to succeed in future career and academic achievement. • The immediate goal of everyone in this class is to successfully complete the class material and go on to the next grade level. • The five year goal is for you to graduate and enter college or other higher learning institute and / or begin a profession.

  5. Guidelines • Guidelines are present to keep you from driving into the ditch or into oncoming traffic. • You can decide to drive off the road if you want, however if you do, there will be repercussions. • You are always free to choose your actions, but not the consequences.

  6. Good News! • I do not give homework! • You can assign yourself homework if you want, by conducting non-school business on school time. • The trade-off (consequence) is school work on your time. • In order to preserve your free time and use it the way you want to, you must give attention to the curriculum in our class.

  7. Good News! • You can chew gum in class! • I do not discourage this practice at all, in fact I encourage you to chew! • In the rare event that you do not enjoy chewing gum, the student next to you must chew twice as much gum to compensate. • This gum will be used for a class project that is top secret but involves embalming, aliens and the Illuminati!

  8. Good News! • You can talk on your cell phone, send text messages, play games and use your favorite social media as much as you want……once you leave school. • The policy of Union Grove High School is no phones visible or on during the school day without prior written permission from the principal. • Students who do not abide by this policy will have their phone or other electronic device (portable game system, Ipod, Kindle, etc.) taken away and stored in the Vice-principal’s office until a parent can pick it up. • The saddest part is that without a phone, you will have no way to tell your parents what happened or they may not know it is time to pick you up from school and you will end up having to stay here forever!

  9. What you will miss without your phone… • Lol! I can hazchzburgr? • Yadat’swut I sedcuz! • Whut r u doing? And y? • UC me? ICU2 • Hey what are doing and her stupid stuff?

  10. Common Courtesy: Rules of the Road • Raise your hand if you have something to say • Respect the other members of our class by not talking while others are talking (duh!) • Stay in your seat and on task while you are in class. • Leaving class for any reason is a rare exception. Please take care of your own needs outside of class time. • I appreciate your cooperation in keeping our class time as focused and productive as possible. • I will be happy to give truthful information about you for future references. • I look forward to learning with you and seeing each of you at graduation!