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Goals and Events PowerPoint Presentation
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Goals and Events

Goals and Events

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Goals and Events

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  1. Goals and Events • Showcase US Latino art and map the past, present and future of our City of Houston and our state’s impact on the Latino art field. • “Spring of Latino Art in Houston”- In the spring of 2019 bring together numerous public and private art organizations to exhibit Latino art in a series of events over a 4-moth period. • Provide Houston Latino artists access to traditional art spaces and resources as an opportunity to highlight Houston Latino art within the national context of Latino art. • Employ various marketing channels and media to promote and drive visitor engagement with Houston’s richness in art venues as well as it’s steeped history in Latino culture.

  2. Innovative Digital Products • Creation a Digital Registry of Houston’s Latino artists. • Using visual materials, participants will explore the intersections of U.S. Latino and Latin American art in Houston and its connection to global art in multiple locations • A permanent digital presence via Interactive Digital Board. • Latino cARTographies: Mapping the Past, Present and Future of Houston Latino Art • Will include images of the social and geographic landscape of visual Latino art in Houston and provide work details, artist biographies and a timeline of key moments in the city’s history and art. • Explore artistic issues, engagement, with the community, identity, public art and the urban space. • Vodcasts: 2 minute interpretation of artwork • Augmented Reality: 360 video tours • Geo Quizzes: Video Tool for student engagement • Website will be implemented and mimic digital board. • These products will serve as a much needed resource and guide to Houston’s Latino artists and document their cultural contributions in-depth.

  3. Projected Outreach Our best estimates of the impact of the LAN are based on those provided by the Chicago LAN outreach. Approximate and calculated numbers were provided by looking at annual visitations of the largest museum venues and divided the number by 12 to yield the monthly average. The National Museum of Mexican Art 165,000 visitors in 2016 / 13,750 per month The Chicago Cultural Center 800,000 visitors in 2016 / 66,666 per month The Museum of Contemporary Art 249,000 visitors a year / 20,750 per month National Museum of Puerto Rican 24,000 visitors in 2016 / 2,000 per month Arts and Culture Chicago Film Festival 35,000 in two weeks for 2016 Estimated Attendance of Chicago LAN: 287,174* *Based on average monthly attendance of 5 venues/events held during a period of 6 months.

  4. Projected Outreach • Houston has a unique set of circumstances that have contributed to a particular body of artistic production. • Neighborhoods have been important incubators for creativity and exhibition. • The recognition of immigrant roots has allowed for easier access to home country influences. • The presence of multiple Latino nationality groups interacting with broader white ethnic communities as well as African Americans has opened the doors for unique inter-cultural aesthetic conversations and influences.

  5. Projected Outreach Estimated Attendance of Houston LAN: *405,036*

  6. Projected Online Outreach Strong preference of enhancing digital footprint due to longevity and possibility of wide distribution. • Middle and High School Students in Houston: 99,378 • College Level Students: 25,000 • Teachers and Educators: 2,000 • Smithsonian Latino Center Education Initiative: 900, 000 • IUPLR Website and Member Centers: 25,000 • Center for Mexican American Studies: 2,000

  7. Sponsorship Acknowledgements • With the prospect of expanding national visibility of the arts in Houston, partnership support is critical to the expansion of our outreach and involvement with the Latino community on a local and national level. • Sponsors receive prominent logo placement on the following: • Interactive Digital Media Board • Website (CMAS and IUPLR) • All print and electronic communication and advertising (CMAS and IUPLR) • Print • Web • Newsletters • Media • Conferences

  8. Sponsorship Opportunities $50,000 and Above • Key Sponsor for Website and Interactive Digital Board • VIP Tours of LAN Events • Prominent placement of logo on all LAN, CMAS and IUPLR printed and digital materials • Named Conference Panel at LAN event • Participation for ten employees at IUPLR conferences $25,000 • Key Sponsor for Website and Interactive Digital Board • Prominent placement of logo on all LAN, CMAS and IUPLR printed and digital materials • Named Conference Panel at LAN event • Participation for ten employees at IUPLR

  9. Sponsorship Opportunities $10,000 • Sponsor on website • Inclusion of logo on LAN and virtual materials • Participation for five employees at IUPLR conferences $5,000 • Inclusion of logo on all LAN printed and digital materials • Participation for two employees at IUPLR conferences