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Region By Region

Region By Region

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Region By Region

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  1. Region By Region Region by region Prescott School 4th grade Initiative Infusing social Studies, Art, Music and Technology

  2. Learning targets • I Can: • Search and Discover information about a composer and a musical artist from each of the 4 regions of the United States. • Work collaboratively to create a Prezi, Power Point, Slide Share, SMORE, Podcast, or other approved collaboration tool that will be presented to the rest of the Prescott 4th grade class. All information about what is to be included in your presentation is on the Edmodo site. • Complete all activities and assessments on the 4th grade Edmodo site.

  3. What to do… • 4th Grade • Meet the suspects! • Composer • Musical Artist • Check out Prescott Edmodo site! • Your Own Username • Your Own Password • Collaborative Create a Prezi! • Time To Be A Detective!

  4. Mid West Composer Meredith Willson Born: Mason City, Iowa Music Composed: Broadway, Symphonies

  5. Midwest Artist Mid West Musical Artists Chicago Originated: Chicago, Illinois Music Performed: Jazz Rock, Pop Rock

  6. North East Composer North East Composer John Williams Born: New York Music Composed: Film Music, Olympics, Symphonies

  7. North East • Musical Artist George Gershwin Born: New York, New York Music Performed: Broadway, Classical

  8. West Composer Randy Newman Born: California Music Composed: Film Scores

  9. West Artist West Musical Artists Beach Boys Originated: California Music Performed: Rock and Pop

  10. South West Composer Scott Joplin Born: Texas Music Composed: Ragtime

  11. South West Musical Artist John Denver Born: Roswell, New Mexico Music Performed: Folk Music

  12. South East Composer Amy Grant Born: Georgia Music Composed: Gospel, Pop, Country, Christian

  13. South East Artist South East Musical Artist Louis Armstrong Born: New Orleans, Louisiana Music Performed: Jazz, Dixieland, Swing, Pop

  14. Your Turn! • 4th Grade Detectives: • Now that you have been introduced to our “suspects”, your job is to discover more about the • composer and musical artist from your region so you can answer questions that are posted • on our Prescott 4th Grade Edmodo site. • We will be collaborating with the other 4th grade class to uncover all of the information needed to create a Prezi. All Prezi’s will be posted on the school web page. • Happy Hunting!