calcasieu parish school board extended day program may 7 2009 in service n.
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  2. EDP In-service Agenda 1. EDP Packet: • * Site Information Form • * Salary Information Form • Salary Schedules • Important Dates • Important EDP Memos • EDP Weekly Tuition Pro-rated Chart • Year-end tax statement instructions • EDP Survey • Forms: • Employment Applications • Registration Form • Delinquent Account Form

  3. EDP In-service Agenda 2. Supplemental Payroll: - New Form - Payroll Codes - Format (Daily/Weekly) - Due Dates

  4. EDP In-service Agenda • ProCare: - End of Year Close-out - Converting to New Fiscal Year - Converting to Summer Program - New Back-Up Procedures - NSF Checks - Receipts - Deposits - Using the Log for Voids - Monthly Financial Statement - Feedback/Q&A

  5. EDP In-service Agenda • Child Care Assistance: - CCA Time Conversion - Student Sign In/Out Sheets - Filing CCA Invoices Timely - CCA Contact - Recording CCA Payments in ProCare

  6. EDP In-service Agenda • Summer EDP -Field Trips -New Summer Rates -Contact Information

  7. EDP In-service Agenda • Overview of Topics Covered at the Beginning of the Year Inservice: -Employees at your site -Medication Certified -Attendance Sheets -Past Due Payments -Brochures/Parent Handbooks -Communication with Parent -Communication with Staff -Communication with Principal -Organization -Security -Website

  8. SITE INFORMATION FORM • EDP FORMS\Site Information Form 2009-2010.xls • Blank form in Packet

  9. EDP SALARY INFORMATION FORM • EDP FORMS\Extended Day Salary Information Form.xls • Blank form in Packet

  10. EDP SALARY INFORMATION FORM • Each employee’s rate must be initialed by the principal • An updated salary information form must be submitted to me with every new employment application. • Send all employment applications and Salary Information Forms via interoffice (please do not fax). • Upon receipt of a new Salary Information Form with an employee eligible for overtime, I will interoffice you an EDP Overtime Rate Form for that employee. • This form is VERY important! We must have an approved rate for every extended day employee each year. • EDP FORMS\EDP OVERTIME CALCULATION FORM.xls

  11. EXTENDED DAY PROGRAMSALARY SCHEDULES • 2008-2009 Salary Schedules Included in Packet (effective through August 31, 2009) • 2009-2010 Salary Schedules will be given out at August 12th in-service and will take effect September 1, 2009. • How to Determine Experience Level • How to Determine Tier Number • How to Determine Wage Supplements

  12. EXTENDED DAY PROGRAMSALARY SCHEDULES Site Director Salary Schedule: ..\Brittany Elmer Audit Workpapers\EDP\EDP Salary Schedule - Site Director.xls Assistant Site Director/Bookkeeper Salary Schedule: ..\Brittany Elmer Audit Workpapers\EDP\EDP Salary Schedule - Asst Site Dir Prog Dir and Bkkpg.xls Support Staff Salary Schedule: ..\Brittany Elmer Audit Workpapers\EDP\EDP Salary Schedule - Support Staff.xls

  13. EDP Salary Schedules:Tuition Income 2008 – 2009 Tuition Income: - To be used to determine Tier Number on Salary Schedule - I will let you know your Tier Number at the August 12th in-service.

  14. EDP SALARY SCHEDULE:STEP INCREASES • Step increases will take effect on September 1st of each year. • If an employee is hired prior to March 1st, the employee will be eligible for a step increase on September 1st. Employees hired on/or after March 1st will not be eligible for a step increase until September 1st of the next year. • Employees who work only the summer program will be eligible for a step increase the next year.




  18. IMPORTANT DATES FOR 2009-2010 • Included in packet: -school closures -payroll dates -financial statement dates

  19. IMPORTANT EDP MEMOS • Included in packet: • -Summer Field Trips • -New EDP Rates • -New Back-Up Procedures


  21. Year-End Tax Statement • Instructions for year-end tax statement is included in your packet. • Customer Payment Summary (only shows payments made: 1. Begin at the main screen of Family Data and Accounting. 2. Click on the General Button. 3. Select Accounting. 4. Select Letter G – Customer Statement, then choose Customer Payment Summary from the drop-down menu. 5. Select Date Range – Last Year (Jan1-Dec31) In the Report Message include your Address, Phone Number, and Tax ID Number

  22. EDP SURVEY • Survey is included in your packet. • Survey is being conducted by University of Louisiana of Lafayette to provide the Louisiana Department of Education with information regarding characteristics of after-school programs. • Parent and student surveys are included in your packet for you to distribute. • Must use a number two pencil • Can not duplicate surveys. • Student must be in third grade or above. • Return to me via interoffice by Thursday, May 21, 2009.

  23. EDP Forms:Employment Application • Copy of Form in your Packet • From now on, Employment Applications must be sent to Mr. Duhon ONLY. • Upon receipt of a new employee application, our office will then forward a copy to Mr. Richard in the payroll department. • Mr. Richard will only accept employment applications from our department. • We will not forward applications to payroll unless the form is completed IN FULL and a revised Salary Information Form was received. • EDP FORMS\Employment Application.doc

  24. EDP Forms:Registration Form • Copy of Form in your Packet • This is the registration form that you should be using now. • EDP FORMS\Registration Form.doc

  25. EDP Forms:Delinquent Account Form • Copy of Form in your Packet • New Contact at the District Attorney’s Office: Mr. Keith Prudhomme • Make sure to notify me if a child leaves your EDP program with an outstanding balance. • Delinquent Accounts School Notification.doc

  26. EDP Supplemental Payroll • New Supplemental Payroll Form available on CPSB Website which reflects rates five decimal places. Effective July 1, 2009, this is the only form that will be accepted by the payroll department. • Go to, then click on the employees tab, then payroll, then forms, then supplemental pay form. • Payroll\PAYROLL SUPPLEMENTAL FORM 020509 .xls • Payroll Codes: • Account code for Site Director should be 611117 • Account code for all other EDP employees should be 611972

  27. EDP Supplemental Payroll • Dates worked should be entered on either a daily or weekly basis. • Make sure you review your payroll for completeness and accuracy before turning it in. • Supplemental Payroll Due Dates are listed on the “EDP Important Dates Form” in your packet.

  28. PROCARE: Year-End Closeout • Instructions begin on page 56 of ProCare Manual • Year-end closeout will be through May 31.

  29. PROCARE: Year-End Closeout Procedures • Year-end Closeout Procedures: • Back-up • Customer Statements • Family Billing Box • Withdrawal of 5th grade students (Demonstrate Procedures in ProCare)

  30. PROCARE: Instructions for Starting a New Fiscal Year • Instructions for starting a new fiscal year in ProCare begins on page 59 of ProCare manual

  31. PROCARE: Instructions for Starting a New Fiscal Year • Steps for starting a new fiscal year: • Withdrawal of whole families • Withdrawal of select children in a family • Changing family information for those returning to your program from last year • Adding new families (Demonstrate steps in ProCare)

  32. PROCARE: Converting to Summer Program • For those that have a summer EDP program, you will need to convert students in ProCare that will be attending Summer EDP. • Instructions for Summer EDP start on page 63 of the ProCare Manual. • Because our schools’ fiscal year runs from June 1st - May 31st, the Summer Daycare Program will be considered part of the next school year for reporting purposes. • For those schools with Summer Daycare Programs, you will need to withdraw only the 5th grade students who are not attending your Summer Daycare Program.

  33. PROCARE: Converting to Summer Program • Steps for Converting to Summer EDP: • Withdrawal of 5th Grade Students • Setting up Summer Daycare Students • Transferring Students from regular EDP to Summer Program • Month-End Procedures • Closing out the Summer Program (Demonstrate procedures in ProCare)

  34. PROCARE: New Back-up Procedures • Change in ProCare Manual regarding back-up procedures (pg. 55 of ProCare Manual) • At the screen titled “Back-up and Restore Operations,” leave the default checkmarks next to ProCare Configuration and Family Data and Accounting before selecting “Backup Datafiles.” (Demonstrate steps in Procare)

  35. PROCARE: New Report Procedures • From now on when printing month-end reports in ProCare, leave the boxes checked next to de-active and potential under the “Customer Status” section. (Demonstrate steps in Procare)

  36. PROCARE: NSF Checks • Instructions for NSF checks is on page 19 of the ProCare manual. • Requires two entries: 1. NSF Charge Reversal Fee (amount of the NSF check) 2. NSF Fee ($25.00) (Demonstrate in ProCare)

  37. PROCARE: Receipts • Instructions to issue receipts can be found on page 23 & 24 of the ProCare Manual. • A receipt must be printed for all money collected • One copy is kept for your records and the other goes to the parent • When voiding a receipt, retain both copies of the receipt and write “VOID” on both copies. In addition, you must void the receipt in ProCare.

  38. PROCARE: Deposits • Instructions for closing bank deposits can be found on page 25 of the ProCare Manual. • After all receipts have been printed, run deposit report. • Verify printed report to deposit ticket. • If the two amounts are in agreement, close the deposit report. • If the two amounts do not agree, DO NOT CLOSE THE DEPOSIT REPORT! You must make the necessary corrections on the ledger cards before closing. • Deposits should be made DAILY

  39. PROCARE: Using the LOG for Documentation of Voids The LOG can be a very useful tool to document things in ProCare. - Example: voids, errors on deposit reports (Demonstrate Receipts, Deposits and LOG in ProCare)

  40. PROCARE: Monthly Financial Statement • Instructions for the Month-End Balancing Procedures begin on page 48 of the ProCare Manual. • Financial Statement due to me by the 5th of the month.

  41. PROCARE: Monthly Financial Statement • The following should be submitted to me in this order by the 5th of the month: • Financial Statement Cover Sheet • Total Charge/Credit Summary Report • Account Aging 30 Day - All Families • Account Aging 30 Day – CCA • **Supplemental Payroll Forms**

  42. PROCARE: Monthly Financial Statement • The following should be distributed to the parents each month: 1. Customer Statements (This will enable any errors to be detected early, rather than at year-end. It will also make them aware of their balance.)

  43. PROCARE: Monthly Financial Statement • The following should be kept on file for audit purposes: • Receipt Report • Transaction Summary • Customer Statement (this report should be separated by families so that each family will have each month’s statements together. This will enable you to quickly reference information for a particular family.) • Monthly Back-up Disk

  44. PROCARE: Monthly Financial Statement • Problem noticed with Financial Statements: BEGINNING BALANCE DOES NOT AGREE WITH PRIOR MONTH’S ENDING BALANCE. *Before submitting your financial statement, verify that the ending balance on your previous month’s Total Charge/Credit Summary agrees with the beginning balance on your current month’s Total Charge/Credit Summary. -The reason this would occur is if an entry is made with a prior month date -Do NOT back-date transactions! (Demonstrate how to correct prior month’s errors in ProCare) EDP FORMS\EDP Financial Statement Cover Sheet.doc

  45. CHILDCARE ASSISTANCE • Filing Invoices Timely • Provider Invoice Instructions • CCA Contact Information • CCA Time Conversion • Recording CCA Payments in Procare

  46. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE:Filing CCA Invoices Timely • According to CCA’s Provider Reporting Responsibilities: “You may not hold invoices and submit several at a time. Invoices issued monthly by the Child Care Assistance Program System must be submitted for payment by the end of the month following the month the care was given. Invoices issued for care given in prior months must be submitted for payment by the end of the month following the month the invoice is issued.”

  47. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE:Provider Invoice Instructions • Two copies of the Provider Invoice will be mailed on the third to last workday of each month (one copy to complete and return and one copy to keep). It is generated by CAPS. • The invoice lists each child eligible for CCAP who was authorized to receive child care services during the month. • Complete the invoice to document each child’s monthly attendance. The completed invoice is used to generate payment for the provider of those children.

  48. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE:Provider Invoice Instructions • The invoice must be returned or postmarked (no earlier than the first day of the month after the service is provided and no later than the last day of that month) to the office handling Child Care Assistance at the preprinted address in the upper left and bottom right of the invoice. • Keep the copy for your files. • If properly completed, payment should be received within two weeks of receipt by OFS. Failure to properly complete the form will result in delay of payment. Payment may also be delayed if contact with you is necessary for clarification of items on the form.

  49. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE:Provider Invoice Instructions • Children receiving full-time care and those receiving part-time care will be identified as such on the invoice. The two lines of information for each child on the invoice are generated by CAPS and require no completion by the provider. • Contact the OFS Parish Office if a notice of the date of eligibility and payment amount for a child who is eligible has been received, but the child is not included on the invoice.

  50. CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE:Provider Invoice Instructions I recently met with Christine Klinefelter, Administrative Supervisor of the Department of Social Services and she had the following instructions with regard to completing provider invoices: • Hours Present should never exceed Authorized Hours. • Hours Present should be subtracted by Hours Authorized to get the Hours Absent. The total of the Hours Present and Hours Absent should ALWAYS equal the Authorized Hours. • Enter the “Date Left” if a child is leaving EDP permanently. • For Full-Time children, a day is counted as present if they attend any time during the day. • Provider Invoices will not be accepted without a signature