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How do I research? PowerPoint Presentation
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How do I research?

How do I research?

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How do I research?

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  1. How do I research? Ms. Sweeting 7th grade ELA

  2. your topic • Pick a topic that interests you or that will meet your requirements. • Always double check your topic with your teacher and your rubric! • Narrow down your topic • Civil Rights Movement to a specific person or event

  3. Things to remember… • When choosing your topic keep these things in mind. • Your audience- will this be something interesting to more than just you • Your guidelines- will this meet all the requirements needed for you to earn the best grade possible. • Research materials- is this something that will have enough resources for you to complete your essay.

  4. Research MaterialsStart small • When you first begin your research, you want to start small. Learn the basics about your topic before deciding to go further in depth. • Short articles • Small books • Quotes from the person or witness to the event.

  5. Research Materials – going farther in depthWhat Do I choose? • Examples of what you should use: • Reliable websites • Encyclopedias • History or informational books • Articles, videos, speeches, eye witness accounts • NEVER USE JUST INTERNET SOURCES!!! • Choose information that is reliable and true. • Look for referencing from other sources, people or sites. • Is the information presented in an organized and professional manner? • Is the information matching to other sites? ALWAYS double check your research!

  6. What do I do once I’ve got it? • You have to stay organized during your research! There are different ways to do this. Let’s look at some examples! • NOTECARDS- For every piece of information you find, you write the it down on a notecard. Every note card has a number. This is a simple way to stay organized throughout the writing process. • TIMELINE- This is another way to keep information organized and make sure it stays in order. • CITE PAGES- Every place you find information that you want to use gets its own page. You write down the facts found from that resources. This is a great way to keep track of your sources and what information came from where.

  7. READY… SET… WRITE! • Once you have enough research and materials, it is time to start writing. Throughout the writing process, it is still important for you to keep researching or reviewing your research for mistakes. A writer’s job is never done!