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2nd Quarter ICS PowerPoint Presentation
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2nd Quarter ICS

2nd Quarter ICS

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2nd Quarter ICS

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  1. Division/Group Supervisor, Roles and Responsibilities 2nd Quarter ICS

  2. Understand the difference between a Division & a Group Understand when they are needed Understand what their primary roles are Know what information they need to do the job Understand how the communication flow works Know what tools they need for the job Understand how they fit in the Incident Org. chart Know how the Division/Group Board works Objectives

  3. Division Supervisor Assigned by the IC or Op’s Chief, a Division is geographic in nature and typically long term. The Division Supervisor carries out the tactical objectives of the IC or Op’s Chief. They are named for their geographic location.

  4. Typically assigned to reduce the IC or Op’s Chief’s span of control. They carry out the tactical objectives assigned by the IC while managing the accountability of resources assigned to them. Division Supervisor

  5. Division Supervisor – Supervises multiple teams performing multiple objectives from or at a geographic location. (Note: Multiple teams traditionally have “three to seven members, five being ideal.” Division supervisor

  6. Examples: Division “A” Adam is typically in charge of the “A” side of a structure and the entire interior of the structure unless indicated otherwise. Division “Roof” typically is in charge of the entire roof of a dwelling unless indicated otherwise. Division “3” is typically in charge of the entire 3rd floor of a dwelling unless indicated otherwise. division supervisor

  7. Strategy Tasks E42 E44 R51 L31 A42 M47 The Division Supervisor IC-B42

  8. Strategy Tactics • E42 • E44 Tasks • E51 Division Supervisor, Simple IC Safety Div A

  9. What does the Division Supervisor need to know ? What is the strategy? Who is currently working where on the incident? What is the organizational structure? Are there any safety hazards? What are my tactical objectives? Who are my resources? Is staging established? Division supervisor

  10. The Briefing upon assumption of Command: I am assigning you as Division A. E42, E44 are on the 1st floor conducting fire attack. R51 is their Back-up. L31 is primary search. B51 is Safety. A42 is Staging located across the street. Gas and Power are still live. I have no other safety issues at this time. I expect this incident to go to 2 alarms. Your objectives are to confine the fire to floor of origin, search entire structure, ventilate as needed, salvage contents in basement and preserve burn area for investigation. You are assigned E42,E44, L31 &R51 for now. Here is your board and vest. Any Questions ? Division supervisor

  11. The Division Board: Division supervisor

  12. Bringing your resources under your authority. “All units at Maywood Command, the following units are assigned to Division “A” acknowledge”. E42 assigned to Division A. E42, copy assigned to Division A. Etc…..Etc….. Division supervisor

  13. Division Supervisors should periodically check in with their assigned resources. This is called a “status-report” or “sit-rep” (Situation Report). Depending on the complexity of the task assigned, every 5 - 8 minutes a status check should occur by the Division Supervisor and in turn by the IC. Why do we do this..? Division supervisor

  14. When assigned resources are contacted for a status check, they should respond back using a LCAN. “Location, Conditions, Air, Needs”. When assigned resources have completed their task, they report back to their Division Supervisor. “Division A from E45, primary search complete of the entire structure, nothing found. We are available. Division supervisor

  15. LCAN….. “When providing a needs report, be as specific as possible. Transmitting a request for “more help on the second floor” does little to indicate what type of company is needed, what function it will serve, or what equipment it will need. In your needs request, state the number of personnel or companies, their function, and any special equipment they may not automatically bring with them. In this way, the IC may tailor the help to provide exactly the support you need”. Division Supervisor

  16. Communication as the Division Supervisor: Same line of authority as Groups and Staging. When can the Division Supervisor request resources from Staging ? ANSWER: When exchanging resources or checking on the status of a resource. When adding or reducing resources they communicate to the IC. Talk with each other to coordinate and assess. Your resources communicate to you, you communicate to the IC. This manages span of control issues and radio time. Division supervisor

  17. Group Supervisor Part II

  18. Assigned by the IC or Op’s Chief, a Group is task oriented and typically short term in nature. The Group Supervisor carries out a specific task as assigned by the IC or OP’s Chief. They are named for their assigned task. Briefed like a Division and reassigned as needed when the task is complete. Group Supervisor

  19. Group Supervisor Examples of Groups: • S&R Group • Vent Group • Extrication Group • Medical Group Group Supervisor – Supervises multiple teams performing a single objective Photo

  20. The Group Supervisor goes where his resources go. Examples would be to the Roof, to the 3rd floor etc. The Group Supervisor manages the task and their resources from a protected area when possible, receiving updates from resources and relaying them to the IC as needed. They work from a board, have a vest and are benchmarked by the IC. Group Supervisor

  21. Resources assigned to a Group communicate just as resources assigned to a Division. Communicate to your Group Supervisor, he then communicates to the IC. Again, Groups and Divisions are on the same authority level, they can and should communicate with each other to maintain clarity to incident objectives. Group supervisor

  22. Strategy Task • E42 • E44 • E51 group Supervisor, Simple IC Safety Vent Group

  23. The Status Board works the same way as a Division Board. Track your units, obtain their status, complete the task, become available and return to Staging or get reassigned. Group Supervisor

  24. Questions, Comments or Concerns ? Division/group supervisor