a brief review of taylormade golf balls n.
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A Brief Review of TaylorMade Golf Balls PowerPoint Presentation
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A Brief Review of TaylorMade Golf Balls

A Brief Review of TaylorMade Golf Balls

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A Brief Review of TaylorMade Golf Balls

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  1. A Brief Review of TaylorMade Golf Balls TaylorMade has been making some exciting changes to their clubs recently, but even their golf balls have been receiving the special treatment. There have been some exciting developments with the full TP5 range, and the 2019 ball has been taken to a whole new level. So, here we’ll explore a brief review of what you can expect from the new TaylorMade balls. The Composition Change The crucial change in both the TP5 and TP5X golf balls is that 4th layer is now more durable and 30 per cent stiffer. The material for this layer is HFM or High Flex Modulus, and it is more efficient in converting ball deflection at impact into greater forward velocity. This means TaylorMade has made the ball core softer to reduce spin with an inner layer compression for TP5 golf balls now being 16, and 25 for the TP5X. As with the 2017 range, the core combines with two other layers, namely the 2nd and 3rd to create a “tri fast core.” This controls the ball flight by increasing launch and reducing drag. The outer layers provide control, and TaylorMade has also used new paint to create the 322 dimple cover. The Cover TaylorMade has taken the scuff damage to the covers on their golf balls seriously. The research team mocked up steel plate to mimic striking a cart path and began firing balls at it. This showed a big improvement compared to the old balls. The new “soft tough” cover provides the control of a premium ball as the urethane gets into the grooves to provide better control at impact. The TP5 Golf Balls TP5 golf balls are the softer version of the two at a compression rate of 85. This is a little firmer than the previous version, but it can also provide more speed with an iron. You may also notice the ball flies a little higher and offers a more distance. This means that TP5 golf balls now offer a more complete package, providing a better feel around the green. The TP5X Golf Balls The firmer TP5X golf balls are lower spinning to promote greater distance. Previous versions may have lacked enough spin for control on a longer approach, so some players would move

  2. over to the TP5. However, the HFM layer in the 2019 TP5X can give the additional distance, and the cover restores that control. TaylorMade predicts you should enjoy speed gains of up to 3 kilometres per hour, but you may see even bigger speed gains. The Verdict The updates to both the TP5 and TP5X has made these golf balls a greater competitor in the premium tour ball market sector. There is less trade-off between the distance offered with the TP5X and the softer TP5 feel. If you’re still struggling to decide on the best golf balls for your game, you can explore the benefits of the TP5 and TP5X golf balls further at GolfBox to help you find the perfect model to improve your game.