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Best TaylorMade Golf Balls

Best TaylorMade Golf Balls

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Best TaylorMade Golf Balls

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  1. Best TaylorMade Golf Balls Best TaylorMade Golf Balls GolfHideout

  2. Best TaylorMade Golf Balls Every golfer knows that popular club makers like Titleist and Callaway also make golf balls, but did you know that TaylorMade also makes golf balls? What if we told you that many of their golf ball offerings today perform as well or better than the other leading brands? Well it is true, TaylorMade does make high-performance golf balls. They have been since 1999 but it has only been recently that their golf balls have been getting more attention. Many different lines of TaylorMade golf balls are available and even the best TaylorMade golf balls are used on the PGA Tour. In this review guide, we have rounded up the top 12 best TaylorMade golf balls and completed a detailed review for each one. So whether you are an amateur or advanced golfer, TaylorMade has a golf ball for you. And with this review guide, we are confident that you will be able to find the ball that’s perfect for your golf game. So let’s hop right into our reviews on the 12 best TaylorMade golf balls on the market today! TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls TaylorMade’s redesigned TP5 golf ball is taking the game by storm thanks to its chart- topping performance. Buy Now Key Features 5 Layer Construction Tri-Fast Core Dual Spin Cover First thing first, the TP5 golf ball is a premium tour style golf ball that is all about performance. It comes with a 5 Layer Construction that includes a three-layer core and two- layer cover. The overall construction itself lends to a soft and workable golf ball. As for the core of the TP5, three layers come together to create what TaylorMade calls a Tri- Fast Core. This core creates less drag more carry to create shots that go farther than ever before. Mid and long irons see the most gain from this style of core.

  3. For spin, the TP5 has the perfect solution. A Dual Spin cover that includes two different layers creates a rebound effect for distance and feel. The Urethane cover is what gives the TP5 its incredible short game spin. Pros Very Workable Super Soft Feel Outstanding Spin Cons Expensive If you are a ProV1 user, it’s time to switch the ball that gives all the performance you are used to and more; the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball. TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls Many golfers on the PGA Tour have switched to the TP5X due to its incredible distance and feel. Key Features 5 Layer Construction Tri-Fast Core Dual Spin Cover For those familiar with the way the ProV1 and ProV1X, the TP5 and TP5X differ in a similar way. Both balls have a 5 layer construction, but the TP5X has been made to have a piercing ball flight compared to the TP5. A small change like this a result of a slight tweak in the way the Tri-Fast Core works. One thing that is certain is that the Tri-Fast Core has been reworked to give each TP5X a piercing ball flight. A lower ball flight will allow for better playability in the wind and less unwanted spin off the tee. The distance of the TP5X is greater than the TP5. While the TP5X may go farther than the TP5, the one area that is affected is the spin rates. Overall, the spin rates on the TP5X are lower than the TP5 but are still respectable on short

  4. iron shots. Some shots with the TP5X may not spin backward or checkup as quickly on the greens. Pros High Launch Great In Wind Excellent Distance Cons Expensive Players like Ricky Fowler and Rory McIlroy have already made the switch to the TP5X and now it’s your turn! TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Balls While it may be a precursor to the new TP5 golf balls, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Balls are still an excellent tour style golf ball. Key Features 4 Piece Construction SOFT TECH Cover Made For Single Digit Handicaps Much of what TaylorMade engineered into the TP5 golf balls comes directly from the Tour Preferred golf balls. Despite their similarities, there are some differences that show TaylorMade did upgrade the TP5. First is that the Tour Preferred golf balls come with a 4 Piece Construction that includes a three-layer core and special cover. The three-layer core is very important for the Tour Preferred Golf ball is it is what specifically gives it its super soft feel and incredible distance. To show just how well the three-layer system works for the Tour Preferred golf balls a similar three-layer design makes its way onto the TP5 golf balls.

  5. As for the cover of the Tour Preferred, TaylorMade chooses to use a SOFT TECH Cover that has many properties similar to other tour style golf balls. Scratching can be an issue, but the generated spin makes up for the issue. Pros High Spin Long Carry Great Feel Cons Expensive Cover Scratches Easily Enjoy many of the benefits of the TP5 golf balls at a lower price with the TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf ball.