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Its Captur, It Really Captivates Me

Here is why Renault Captur stands out of all vehicles when you are driving in Hyderabad City. Here is one of the customer's experience with Renault Captur. <br>

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Its Captur, It Really Captivates Me

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  1. Its Captur, It Really Captivates Me Hyderabad could be the city of pearls & Nawabs, however, its roads definitely make each drive a nightmare. With each passing hour, the potholes upsurge in size & number, and also some stretches that look like an appropriate road have also been dented by speed breakers of different sizes. My Renault Captur has travelled a hard 8,000km from the time it reached my garage in February. The safer & merrier thing is it stood out more best than I actually thought of. It carves out most of the vehicles I have driven. It feels like it is designed to me and the very conditions of Hyderabad roads. It really makes me feel proud of my selection. My daily journey of 40km (and numerous home trips to Kurnool) has provided me sufficient time to identify what is good what is not good about the Captur. Indisputably, the finest part regarding the vehicle is its robust suspension set-up that absorbs all deficiencies in its route. Surprisingly the worst roads too succumb to it, it just does not wince. I became so much so addicted to its suspension that before judging any ride or vehicle my mind automatically thinks of Captur’s suspension. I even like the independence the 210mm ground clearance gives me, quite good enough to pass over the scariest speed breakers. I am aware its looks have divided opinions however, there is no disagreeing that Captur along with other vehicles have a strong on-road presence which comes very useful on roads where rash driving cabbies and the likes are common. What even comes handy is its high-driving seat and the window line that’s low, this permits good visibility on the sides. You also get the confidence during night drives as you have perfect LED headlamps. And as anticipated Renault’s 1.5dCi engine is highly economical. It is giving me 13kpl on average, this should really be dear to my purse. Coming to more little things, Captur’s card-like key is really fascinating. It sits in the dashboard perfectly. The auto lock & keyless-entry are also really great. It locks itself once the engine is turned off as it detects the key moving away. The 7.0-inch touchscreen, spacious seating and comfortable mileage all make it more fascinating. Whilst I’m nearing 10000km mark, which is when I will be going to take it for the first service I thank Renault for such a splendid vehicle and more importantly PPS Renault, the authorized Renault dealership in Hyderabad.

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