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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

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  1. Michael Jackson Patrik Bolek VII. Class, 2009/2010 English language Project about famous people

  2. Michael Jackson – life and career Michael Jackson full name Michael Joseph Jackson was american pop, rock and soul singer also called pop star, dancer, composer black origin. Surpassed themselves The Beatles and Elvis Presley a sold around 500 000 albums. He was the star in the live performances of his career and enhance video art, which dominated television MTV. His best-selling album all the time is a Thriller which sold over 108,000 units sold. From 90th years devoted to children's foundation (more than 37 organizations), and finally, also sung several songs that were associated with this foundation. He liked children and therefore supported such charitable actions, and often spent their hard extracts sick children.

  3. Moonwalk & Sidewalk Micheal Jackson is significant as a dancer. He came witha special dance step where the viewer feels that he goes forward, but actually goes back = MOONWALK And the same to both sides, and it is = SIDEWALK Typical Moonwalk at song Billie Jean

  4. Smooth Criminal • Michael Jackson was specially designed shoes, which were drilled holes burrows.This burrowsthey were aligned with bars on the tread Michael and then could not move. This enabled him to bend down and it looked as denying gravity.

  5. This is Michael's show it have had be big occasions the King of Pop the flooring panels. From March to the june Michael try to this show, with a have had start 13th July in the London O2 Arena. Michael prepared his fans and his music lovers perfect choreography, dance recreation, great music and much more. It is a pity he had to die such an artist, and even before his return. This is it

  6. The world biggest selling album off all time 01. Wanna be startin´ Something 02. Baby be mine 03. The girl is mine (with Paul McCartney) 04. Thriller 05. Beat it 06. Billie Jean 07. Human Nature 08. P. Y. T 09. The lady in my life 10. Vincent Price Excerpt Thriller album was released in December 1982 and became the biggest selling album of all time. The first seven hits off the charts ranking the first place. From the album were also three units namely Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller. In 2008, celebrated 25 years and was also treated with the current singers as Akon, Fergie, Kanye West. Album is a write in a Guiness book recerods.

  7. Did you know him ??? • MJ was extremely ticklish. • In one African village gave him the royal title. • With Maddonou were very good friends. • MJ together earned $ 500.000.000 • When he was less loved spiders hide in bed, his sister La Toye.

  8. Albums from Michaela Jacksona Got to be there - 1971 Ben - 1972 The wiz - 1973 Music & Me – 1973 Forever, Michael – 1975 The Best of Michael Jackson - 1975 Off the wall - 1979 Thriller - 1982 Bad - 1987 Dangerous - 1991 HIStory - 1995 Blood on the dance floor - 1997 Invincible - 2001 Michael Jackson:Number Ones – 2003 The Ultimate Collection – 2004 The Essential – 2005 Visionary – 2006 King of pop – 2008 Thriller „25“ – 2008 This is it - 2009

  9. How to change Michael Jackson 1972 1979 1982 1987 1992 1995 2000 2009

  10. Dead of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson died on 25 The 05th 2009 in his rented villa in Los Angeles, USA from a heart attack at the age of 50 years. Some sources claim he was poisoned by his personal physician Conray Murray. Allegedly I shoot profol dose. Still ongoing investigation concerning the death of the King of pop.

  11. Finish presentation.... This presentation I want to say something and pop star ever. I hope you liked my presentation and that you learn something new.... Touto prezentáciou som Vám chcel niečo povedať o popovej hviezde, aká kedy bola. Dúfam, že sa Vám moja prezentácia páčila a že ste sa niečo nové dozvedeli....