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Small Business Resource Power Point Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Small Business Resource Power Point Series

Small Business Resource Power Point Series

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Small Business Resource Power Point Series

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  1. Small Business Resource Power Point Series Getting Referrals

  2. Referrals Referrals are a way of obtaining more suspects and prospects for your businessThis PowerPoint suggests many ways of obtaining referrals for your businessBut remember - you must follow through with your quality service or product

  3. Suggested Essentials Always ask for referrals - word of mouth advertising is usually free.Make sure you provide good customer service - happy customers more likely to provide referrals.To be effective quickly follow up and keep records.

  4. Ways Of Obtaining Referrals Start by asking people you come in contact with on a regular basis. Create a referral feedback form on your Web site. Hold a contest on your web site to get referrals, the person who gives the most referrals wins a prize. Ask for referrals with your signature file in your e-mails.

  5. Ways Of Obtaining Referrals Ask readers to forward your e-mail newsletter to people who might interested. Barter for referrals. Ask your current customers and clients for referrals. First you must make them happy.

  6. Ways Of Obtaining Referrals Send your customers online greeting cards on holidays. Swap referrals with other businesses. Make a note on your Web site asking visitors to refer it to others.

  7. Ways Of Obtaining Referrals Use an e-mail form on your Web site so visitors can quickly send referrals to your site without hassle. Set up a system to refer your customers to another business' Web site if, in exchange, they do the same for your business. You both should have the same target audience but aren't in direct competition.

  8. Reward Those That Give Always reward people who give you referrals. Mail or e-mail them a thank-you note. Send them a thank you gift. Give them a gift certificate or coupon.

  9. Reward Those That Give Send them flowers. Give them discounts on other products or services. Offer them a percentage of the profit on each referred sale.

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