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Video Surveillance System Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Surveillance System Security

Video Surveillance System Security

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Video Surveillance System Security

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  1. Video Surveillance System Security Silco Fire and Security

  2. Video Surveillance System Security Silco’s Video Surveillance Engineers Silco’s Video Surveillance Engineers can assist you in designing a new surveillance system or upgrading your current system. We work with small businesses that need less than 10 cameras as well as large multi-site systems encompassing hundreds or even thousands of cameras. We help ensure the right camera is placed in the right location and is stored in the optimal DVR, NVR, network, Edge, or server configuration. Maintenance ProgramsWe want to help you ensure your system will work when you need it! Silco’s standard maintenance plan includes repairing or replacing system components that fail as well as an annual visit to ensure the system is functioning and recording properly. During our annual visit we also clean the camera lenses so that you are always recording the highest quality video possible. IP & Analog Cameras The cost of IP cameras have come down dramatically. If you are considering a system upgrade, you may consider a system that can utilize some of your existing analog cameras and allow you to replace or add Higher De?nition IP Cameras over time. Silco Fire & Security

  3. Video Surveillance System Security Smart Phone - Remote Viewing & Searching All new systems installed by Silco include the ability to remotely view live video and search recorded video from your smart phone, tablet or PC. Motion Recording & Video Analytics To reduce storage requirements, most companies have moved to recording video only when there is motion. However, the video analytics have come a long way. Do you want to know when cars drive in a certain direction, or people loiter for an extended period of time, or when a person approaches a fence? Call us to learn more about Video Analytics Technology. Silco Fire & Security

  4. Video Surveillance System Security Video Monitoring & Audio Talk Down Don’t have the staff to monitor or view your video? Or don’t have the resources to monitor your video 24x7. Allow us to help. We can perform remote guard tours at your speci?ed timeframes and frequencies. Motion Detection or more sophisticated Video Analytics can be used to also allow us to review video under certain conditions. Our monitoring center can use a speaker installed in the area to announce to a potential intruder that the police has been dispatched and their activity is being recorded, hopefully prevent a crime from occurring. Wireless and Solar Technologies Often there are areas that do not have power or network connectivity, such as a remote parking lot. Silco has Wireless & Solar technologies that allow cameras to be placed anywhere. These technologies are tested and are being installed in various applications. Please Contact Us for more information. Silco Fire & Security

  5. Video Surveillance System Security Video & Access Control Integration Link video clips to access control events all in the same interface, use your ?oor plan to graphically integrate your systems, and much more. Call for more information. For many applications we recommend exacqVision VMS software. Unlike most VMS software that locks you into a speci?c camera manufacturer, exacqVision’s philosophy is to be compatible with as many camera manufacturers and models as possible. Compatible with more than 1,900 IP camera models and a large number of access control systems exacqVision VMS is one of the industry’s most flexible solutions. ExacqVision User Training Videos Silco Fire & Security

  6. Video Surveillance System Security Electronic Security Association For more info: Visit Silco Fire & Security - Video Surveillance System Security Silco Fire & Security