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Roberto Clemente

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Roberto Clemente

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Roberto Clemente

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  1. Roberto Clemente Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. But, not too long ago the players consisted mainly of white men from America. Players such as Roberto Clemente and Jackie Robinson helped pave the way for minorities because of their athleticism and integrity. Roberto Clemente came from Puerto Rico to play baseball in America. How did influence America?

  2. Gobierno de Puerto Rico. (1952). Puerto Rico e islas limítrofes / compilado e impreso por el "United States Geological Survey" de la serie de mapas topográficos a escala de 1:30,000. Library of Congress: American Memory, Map Collections: 1500-2004.

  3. Though Clemente is remembered for his accomplishments on the field, he is remembered for his efforts off of the field as well. Clemente, a notable supporter for a number of human rights causes, died in a plane crash en route to Nicaragua, where he was leading a relief mission for victims of an earthquake. Unknown. (1970). Nicaragua. 6-70. Library of Congress: American Memory, Map Collections: 1500-2004.

  4. Seen here is an image from the film “The Jackie Robinson Story,” where Robinson is greeted by his white teammates. Clemente played at the same time as Robinson and both helped break down racial barriers in America. RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. (c1950). [Film still from The Jackie Robinson Story showing Jackie Robinson (as himself) with fellow Dodgers in the dugout]. Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs.

  5. "You like to have a cuatro in your house, because it's something to have in a Puerto Rican home." As an immigrant to the United States, Roberto Clemente became a symbol of Latino American success for many other Latino people across the country. Numerous monuments were named in his honor, including New York’s Roberto Clemente park, mentioned here in an interview with a Puerto Rican man. Rodriguez, M. (1994). "You like to have a cuatro in your house, because it's something to have in a Puerto Rican home.". Library of Congress: American Memory, Working in Paterson: Occupational Heritage in an Urban Setting.