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Reliability Analytics Special Interest Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Reliability Analytics Special Interest Group

Reliability Analytics Special Interest Group

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Reliability Analytics Special Interest Group

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  1. Paul Casto & Mike Raible, Secretary and Vice Chair Reliability AnalyticsSpecial Interest Group Presentation to Houston SMRP MARS Conference Galveston, TX August 22, 2012

  2. SMRP "Reliability Analytics" Special Interest Group Mission To be a premiere resource for advancing Reliability Analytics Vision To develop and promote leaders in Reliability Analytics Scope Special Interest Groups, or SIG's, are self-governing groups withinSMRP, which exist for connecting people with a shared interest, to share general information within a portion of the field of "Reliability and Physical Asset Management".

  3. "Reliability Analytics" topics Design for Reliability • Reliability Design Requirements • System Reliability Analysis • RAM modeling • Monte Carlo simulation Collecting Data for Reliability Analytics • Failure history codes • Data extraction and preparation Using Process Condition to Detect Failure in advance

  4. "Reliability Analytics" topics Data Mining • Bad Actor Analysis Item & Component Failure Rate Determination • MTTF / MTBF • Simple Exponential Reliability Evaluating whether maintenance plans/strategies are working • Reliability Growth Analysis (Crow AMSAA) • Weibull Analysis • Cost of Unreliability

  5. "Reliability Analytics" topics Advanced Modeling & Prognostics • Bayesian • Markov • Neural networks • Similarity Models • Proportional Hazard Models Risk Analysis • Signature / Authorization levels • Life Cycle Cost Analysis • Critical Spares Analysis • Warranty Statistics • Fault Tree Analysis

  6. Value Proposition The SMRP Reliability Analytics Special Interest Group (SIG) could therefore help members learn to, within their respective organizations: 1. champion "Reliability Analytics" 2. communicate (skills & methods) the value of "Reliability Analytics" 3. differentiate "Reliability Analytics" from other reliability engineering tools (e.g. RCFA, RCM, Condition-Based Maintenance) 4. show practical applicability ("statistics that make sense") of "Reliability Analytics" 5. evaluate whether their maintenance plans/strategies are working

  7. Value Proposition The SMRP Reliability Analytics Special Interest Group (SIG) could therefore help members learn to, within their respective organizations: • championing a “failure free” environment • use “Reliability Analytics” to support value based recommendations that drive the right changes in strategy and tactics • Data-driven, not emotional decision making (“Do we need a spare for that on hand?”) • Improvements in hardware and system reliability are based on sound reliability analyses • value is measureable in various business contexts

  8. Value Proposition The information above could be communicated to SIG membership via: • free monthly or quarterly webinars • semi-annual in-person meetings, including one at the annual SMRP Conference • technical topic–centered social media Through the items listed above, we will be: • learning how to make our employers more profitable • helping to advance the practice of reliability engineering • elevating understanding of certain concepts & tools within the larger SMRP community • helping to grow the information about Reliability Analytics in the SMRP Body of Knowledge

  9. Reliability Analytics SIG Formation Committee Timothy R. Holmes, Chair DuPont Mike Raible, Co-Chair Eastman Chemical Paul Casto, Historian/Secretary Meridium Paul Barringer Barringer & Associates Stanford J. LeBlanc NASA

  10. For More Information, Contact: Timothy R. Holmes (615)828-8682 Mike Raible (423)229-5031 Paul Casto (540)344-9205 Paul Barringer (281)852-6810 Stanford J. LeBlanc (281)244-7662 Cindy Boyd, SMRP SIG Chair (713)481-3320 Howard Penrose, SMRP Director (630)487-6223 Ed Foster, SMRP Membership Chair (281)983-6050