the history of instructional media n.
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The History of Instructional Media PowerPoint Presentation
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The History of Instructional Media

The History of Instructional Media

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The History of Instructional Media

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  1. The History of Instructional Media from Motion Pictures to PDA’s

  2. MOTION PICTURES Television Computer Generated Images PDA’s Internet

  3. Motion Pictures *In the 1940s, war films gained tremendous popularity. Films such as In Which We Serve and 49th Parallel gave audiences a realistic glimpse into what life was like on the battlefield. Meanwhile, more lighthearted films such as Pinocchio and Fantasia were being released which allowed audiences to leave reality and use their imaginations. Back to menu

  4. Television • In 1952, educational TV Channels were established. The president of the Ford Foundation provided the financial support for educators to establish the Joint Committee for Educational Television (JCET). • Educational television focused on everything from driving videos to personal etiquette and hygiene! Back to menu

  5. Computer Generated Images • Using computers to digitally enhance or represent an image, whether it be a person, place or thing. • CGI can be found in films as early back as 1973. (Westworld). • Films such as Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Shrek and Avatar are all great examples of the technological advances of computer animation. Back to menu

  6. Internet • Proposed in 1962 and first used in 1969, the internet, or ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency) as it was known back then, was originally designed to provide a communication network that would work even if some of the sites were destroyed by nuclear attack. • Today, the Microsoft Corporation continues to pave the way as the leading browser, server, and internet service provider. Back to menu

  7. PDAs • Short for Personal Digital Assistant, the first actual PDA was introduced in 1992 by Apple. Since then, there have been various advancements made by Nokia, Blackberry and most recently, the iPhone. These devices allow the user to access the web from anywhere, while also being able to synchronize their device to a PC, which automatically backs up their data. Next

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