cell organelles n.
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Cell Organelles PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell Organelles

Cell Organelles

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Cell Organelles

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  1. Cell Organelles A Sample PowerPoint Presentation

  2. Insert image here. Search for images of a bacterial cell at • This is a bacterial cell. • Bacteria are single cell organisms. • Bacteria are the oldest organisms on the earth. • There is more bacteria in mass and numbers than all other life forms on the planet.

  3. Rough ER – where proteins are made Insert image here. Search for images of endoplasmic reticulum at

  4. Insert image here. Search for images of mitochondria at Mitochondria – the cells power plant • All cells have mitochondria. • Unlike all other organelles (except the chloroplast), they have a double membrane. • We think they evolved separately from cells and were captured.

  5. Insert image here. Search for images of a cell nucleus at The Nucleus – the control center • The nucleus houses the DNA that controls all aspects of cell life. • The nucleolus makes RNA, a messenger for DNA’s commands, which goes to the ribosomes to make proteins.

  6. Insert image here. Search for images of plasma membrane structure at • The plasma or cell membrane is a double layer. • It allows small molecules to pass directly through. • Large molecules must pass through a protein channel (opening).

  7. Insert image here. Search for images of ribosome structure at Ribosomes – builders of proteins • Ribosomes are found free-floating and attached to the endoplasmic reticulum. • They are the site where amino acid chains are assembled to make proteins.

  8. Insert image here. Search for images of plant cells at Plant cells • Plant cells have both a cell wall and a cell membrane. • The cell wall allows plants to have great water pressure to hold the plant erect. • Vacuoles are used to store nutrients.

  9. Decide what you want to show your audience. Search sites with pictures of the subject. Save pictures to a picture file. Get lots of pictures. Open PowerPoint. Choose slide format that will accept pictures. Go to insert and insert photo from picture file. Add titles and text. Test show and GO! How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation