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Social Media Campaign Case Study PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Campaign Case Study

Social Media Campaign Case Study

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Social Media Campaign Case Study

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  1. Social Media Campaign Case Study October, 2009

  2. Overview • Gannett Digital, the online arm of Gannett, manages a portfolio of interactive properties, from news sites to online communities. • is a flagship Gannett Digital site, offering national and local content, community and connections for busy moms. • Tangible Impact initially strategized and executed strong and synergistic Search and Banner Display campaigns for MomsLikeMe. • Building on this success, Tangible Impact architected an expanded online presence for MomsLikeMe, focusing on active Social Media participation. • Our Social Media campaign for MomsLikeMe features a dynamic FaceBook Fan Page, highly engaging Applications and eye-catching Ads. • Tangible Impact’s Social Media campaign for MomsLikeMe has proven to be a meaningful and measurable success.

  3. Fan Page • First, Tangible Impact designed a FaceBook Fan Page, faithful to the MomsLikeMe brand experience. • Next, we developed a dynamic Fan Page contribution plan, leveraging existing MomsLikeMe resources to keep the page lively and fun. • Today, the Fan Page offers fresh conversation and content – a true taste of the full MomsLikeMe experience. 3

  4. Application #1 - Quiz • Following launch of the Fan Page, we introduced a fun and intriguing quiz: “What Kind of Mom Are You?” • The quiz strongly appeals to our target audience, offering opportunity for personal insight, self-expression, and sharing with friends. • The “What Kind of Mom Are You?” quiz is an encapsulation of the MomsLikeMe brand experience. 4

  5. Application #2 - Virtual Gift Shop • Next, we developed and debuted the MomsLikeMe virtual gift shop, and stocked it for Mother’s Day. • We readily revised the gift shop for Father’s Day, generating new and renewed interest and activity. • And now, the MomsLikeMe virtual gift shop offers an array of “any day” gifts, meant to be given by Mom to Moms, for any reason, or no reason at all. 5

  6. Application #3 - Boredom Buster • We’re about to launch a new application for MomsLikeMe: “Boredom Busters.” • Boredom Buster will provide suggestions for kids’ activities, based on age, timing and budget. Moms can submit their own suggestions, too. • Applications – the quiz, the gift shop, the Boredom Buster – provide a stream of positive brand experiences, building new relationships, ongoing dialogue, and emersion in the MomsLikeMe community. 6

  7. Ad Support • We support the launch of every new application with targeted social media ads. • We’ve seen significant response to these timely and targeted placements. • Plus, paid ads have triggered even greater volumes of viral activity. • Today, the viral activity set in motion by initial paid ads contributes brand engagements at a rate of more than 2:1.

  8. Success Metrics • Ads • Applications • Fan Page • - • - • - • - • - • - • The introductory ads sparked a viral-to-paid brand engagement rate of better than 2-to-1. • More than 113,000moms have completed the quiz. Nearly 97%of those who started the quiz completed all 15 questions. Greater than61,000 moms have returned to repeat the quiz experience. Viral activity continues to climb, for a current cost per brand engagement of just 45 cents. • Through ongoing brand engagement in a social environment, MomsLikeMe has built relationships with 16,000moms, and more than 500 of these moms are actively engaged each week. • Many of the moms introduced to the brand through social media have since become active members of • Product - 8

  9. How About You? • The MomsLikeMe social media campaign has proven to be an efficient and effective way to start a conversation, engage prospects and cultivate new MomsLikeMe memberships. • What can social media do for you? 9

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