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SATs Parents Evening PowerPoint Presentation
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SATs Parents Evening

SATs Parents Evening

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SATs Parents Evening

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    1. SATs Parents Evening

    2. What will my child need Any thing that your child will need to do the tests will be provided They may like to bring a small mascot to support them while they do the tests. A good nights sleep Water bottle

    3. SAT 2012 Timetable

    4. What happens next Test papers are enveloped, catalogued and then collected by a courier. Papers are delivered to different markers around the country Marked papers are then moderated Results sent to the Government Agency Papers and results returned to school early July (hopefully) Marking and levels checked by us. Results sent to you with your childs end of year report.

    8. Maths Test A No calculator allowed

    9. Maths Test A No calculator allowed

    18. Reading What it is testing

    19. Types of questions found in the reading Test AF2 - Which word tells you that this is not the first comic strip about Souperkid? AF2 The bear was startled by a sudden noise and reared up, but they were all safely out of its reach because the ladder had

    20. Types of questions found in the reading Test AF3 - In what ways did Lyddie show herself to be a good leader? Explain fully, using the text to help you. Who do you think needs to be the most skilful to do their job? Tick one. Sharon Brown A trail boss Bob Lemmons Explain you answer using evidence from the text.

    21. Types of questions found in the reading Test AF5 - individual ... unique What do these words tell you about superheroes? .......................................................................... AF5 - In the comic strip, two different spellings are used Superkid and Souperkid. Explain why these two spellings are used.

    22. Writing What will they have to write? 2 Tests Short Writing 20 minutes Long Writing 45 minutes Some of the genre types that have been asked for: descriptive; narrative; playscript; newsreport; evaluation report; information leaflet; Interview; letter of complaint; prompted narrative Often 2 genres are included i.e. playscript to persuade; letter to report facts;

    23. Writing example questions

    24. Writing Question Example

    25. Writing Question Example

    28. Science As yet we do not know if any of our children will have to take the 2 science papers. By the end of February the school will be notified if pupils from our school will be required to do the test. If the school is selected then a list of pupils required to take the test will be sent to us. We have no say in this at all.

    29. Revision Websites

    30. Revision Materials