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The Emerging Technologies Challenge

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The Emerging Technologies Challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Emerging Technologies Challenge. “ I need to assume some risk and divert money away from Network Infrastructure I cannot afford or defend, in order to establish an architecture I can afford to defend…” PACOM CIO – Randy Cieslak.

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The Emerging Technologies Challenge

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    1. The Emerging Technologies Challenge “I need to assume some risk and divert money away from Network Infrastructure I cannot afford or defend, in order to establish an architecture I can afford to defend…” PACOM CIO – Randy Cieslak Can JIE Increment 2 deliver an Enterprise Architecture which Assures C2 for PACOM & UNC/CFC Coalition Operations?

    2. Emerging Technologies • How Do We…: • Get to the 3rd Platform and why do we want to go? • Secure networks in a Post-Snowden world? • Unlock heterogeneous and proprietary architectures? • Maximize the Value of Big, Fast and Large Data? • Can Cloud enable Mission in A2AD operating environments?

    3. Software-Defined Datacenter is the Evolution of Software Intelligence with Standardized Hardware All Infrastructure Is Virtualized And Delivered As A Service & The Control Of This Datacenter Is Entirely Automated By Software.

    4. Security Analytics for 3rd Platform Analytics Big Data Governance Identity Compliance Collect Alert & Report Incident Management Investigate & Analyze Store Visualize Remediation Respond Public/Private Threat Intelligence Public & Private Threat Intelligence PhysicalSensors Mobile Servers PCs DB Network Devices Security Devices Apps

    5. Bridging The Gap Between Today & Tomorrow Software-Defined Data Center Today’s Data Center Traditional Applications Next Gen Cloud Applications 2016 120M 2016 34M Reduce Operating Expenses 300% 30% 11M 91M 2013 2013 Invest In New Model

    6. Pivotal….A Platform for Innovation Data-DrivenApplicationDevelopment Pivotal Data Science Labs CloudApplication Platform Data & AnalyticsPlatform Virtualization Cloud Storage

    7. Three Ways To The Cloud Über-Cloud Verticalization Virtualization (Hotel California) (Trust Us) (Build What You Want) Applications Applications Middleware Middleware Database Database Operating System Operating System VirtualInfrastructure Server Storage CPU Pool Storage Pool Network Network Pivotal

    8. JIE Increment 2 Capabilities for A2AD Mission Environments Image Reference: “Integrating Information Across Operations” briefing by RDML Jan Tighe, AFCEA Information Dominance Conference, 7 March 2012 Navy Marines Air Force Army SOF Coalition

    9. “I Live In The Future And Here’s How It Works” by Nick Bilton    How new media models shape the future • “The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood”by James Gleick    Human interaction with information and data • “The Signal and The Noise:  Why Most Predictions Fail But Some Don’t”by Nate Silver    The science of predictions…how to distinguish signal from noise • “Hamlet’s Blackberry”by William Powers   Building a good life in a digital age…dealing with connectivity • “Is The Internet Changing The Way You Think?” Edited by John Brockman     The net’s impact on our minds and future • “Cognitive Surplus: Creativity And Generosity In A Connected Age” by Clay Shirky    How media and technology are transforming us • “Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology And Less From Each Other ”by Sherry Turkle   Our relationships as social robots in the on-line world • “The Art Of Immersion:  How The Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue and The Way we Tell Stories ” by Frank Rose Technology and Information Are Transforming Us READ THESE BOOKS!