mrs long formerly miss kowalczyk k n.
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Mrs. Long (formerly Miss Kowalczyk / “K” ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Long (formerly Miss Kowalczyk / “K” )

Mrs. Long (formerly Miss Kowalczyk / “K” )

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Mrs. Long (formerly Miss Kowalczyk / “K” )

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  1. Psychology Mrs. Long(formerly Miss Kowalczyk/ “K”) Room#s: 2-222, 4-124 Office Hours: 2:14-3pm Room 124 Email address: Website:

  2. Name Tag • Please take a marker and piece of cardstock from the front table and write your first name and last initial on it LEGIBLY.

  3. Check your schedule: • You should have Ms. Kowalczyk and this class for this period  • If not, go to the RIGHT class or if you should not have this class because you took it already, go to your counselor

  4. About this year • I am very excited! • I am a traveling teacher • In rooms 222 & 124 • 4thyear • Starting Grad school

  5. About Me- Academics • Born and raised in Hoffman Estates, IL • Graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in 2011 • Taught World History, Criminal Justice, Psychology and Consumers Ed. in Tolono, IL. • Moved to AZ in May 2012 • Have taught at CHS ever since

  6. About me-personal • Got married in 2013 • Went to Italy & France this summer: Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Normandy • My husband is the tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator at Arizona State University. • Have two golden retrievers named Buddy and Belle. • Has a HUGE family back in Chicago- two younger sisters and lots of cousins.

  7. Favorites • Sports teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs, ASU football • Food: sushi and thai food • Snacks: Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter M&M’s • Things to do: run, snow and water ski, cook, bake, play with my dogs, travel, read

  8. Enough about me…school stuff!

  9. Student Info Sheet • Please fill out all the information that you can • Go home tonight and get the rest of the info; bring it to me by Friday 

  10. Syllabus

  11. Course Description • The purpose of this class is to provide students with a basic understanding of psychological principles, in an effort to provoke thoughtful discussion and personal exploration. • There will be an emphasis on development and its relationship to the psychological processes.

  12. Units to be Covered • Chapter 1 & 2 - Psychological Perspectives and History • Chapter 3, 4, &5 – Lifespan Development • Chapter 6 – Body and Behavior • Chapter 8 - Sensation and Perception • Chapter 9 - Learning • Chapter 10 - Memory and Thought • Chapter 12-Motivation and Emotion

  13. Class Goals • Introduce students to the scientific study of behavior. • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the strengths and limits of various research techniques. • Students will demonstrate and understanding of general psychological principles. • Students will learn to view human behavior for the behavioral, cognitive, humanistic and biological perspectives. • Students will be critical consumers of scientific research. • Students will analyze, interpret and respond to scientific research, theory and models.

  14. Requirements • A Psychology course notebook will be required for this class.  • The Psychology notebook must be a three ring binder with at least four divider tabs. • (Notes, Warm-up Assignments, Handouts, Returned Work) Students must have their notebook each and every day in class. Walmart: Three Ring Binder: 1.97 Paper: 1.00 Divders: 1.00 Total: 3.97…

  15. Requirements II • A daily planner / agenda book is suggested for this class. • Students are strongly encouraged to use a daily planner to keep track of assignments and work.   • Remember: “students do not plan to fail, but rather they fail to plan.”

  16. Requirements III • Students will be encouraged to have the following study and organizational aids everyday in class: • index cards  • two (different color) highlight markers • a pen and a pencil • loose-leaf paper • ***NOTE:  It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for each and every class. ***

  17. Daily Agenda • Students are responsible for reading and learning the schedule of the daily agenda from the board everyday there is class.  •  The daily agenda is a tool to help students organize their classroom assignments and activities. 

  18. Diversity Statement • All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. • As members of the Chandler High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.

  19. Grades • Student grades will be assessed in accordance with the following outline: • Grading Policy • 90 – 100% = A 80 – 89% = B 70 – 79% = C 59 – 69% = D 59 – 50% = F

  20. Grading Policy • Your semester grade is calculated from the four following categories: • ClassworkWritten work, notes, group projects, assignments, etc. • AssessmentsTests, essays, DBQs, presentations and other major projects *Usually, at the end of the unit • HomeworkWork required to be done at home. • Participation & Attendance: Classroom participation, behavior and attendance.

  21. What is an “A” student? • Description of an A student as described by past students: Takes notes, asks questions, pays attention, does homework, studies for exams, is self-motivated. *Please remember that grades are EARNED, not GIVEN*

  22. Late Assignments • Submission of assignments past due dates is not acceptable. Students are expected to complete assignments in a timely manner. • All work is due on the date specified (except for excused absences). Extenuating circumstances will be determined in a case by case basis. • If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get caught up.

  23. How? • How? Just follow these four easy steps: • Check infinite campus…………*NEW* Each assignment will have a link to the word document that you have missed. • Check the class website………..There will also be a link here to the word document for what you have missed. • Talk to a friend……………Copy down all notes and ask any questions you may still have • If you’re still confused…Let me know ASAP so I can help get you back on track, either via email or after school

  24. Late assignment responsibility • I will not give out copies of late/missing assignments. • It is your responsibility to check Infinite Campus or the class website to find the missing assignments. • There is a computer lab with access to printers in the library for you to use.

  25. Late Grading Policy • 1stday late…20% off automatically • 2nd day late…30% off automatically • 3rd day late…40% off automatically • 4th & beyond…50% off automatically, but better than a “0”

  26. Cheating and Plagiarism

  27. Plagiarism • PLAGIARISM includes but is not limited to representing another person’s ideas or work as your own, copying, paraphrasing, or purchasing another person’s work without giving credit.   

  28. Cheating • CHEATING includes but is not limited to copying and / or allowing another student to copy your work, getting or giving answers from another student for a test, quiz, homework, or other class work, using a textbook, notes during a test or quiz and possessing a cheat sheet for a test or quiz, whether it is used or not.  • If you plagiarize or cheat, the minimum consequence will be a zero on the assignment, and no makeup assignment possible.  The student may be referred to the administration / dropped from the class.

  29. Attendance Policy per CHS rules • ALL students will take final exams. Students who have no more than 4 absences (one tardy or sweep counts as one absence) in the class and a grade of 75% or higher, and who are present on the final exam day, may choose whether or not to have the final exam calculated into their grade. • This policy does not apply to courses, which may require final exams, including but not limited to IB, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes. • School sponsored events are not counted for an absence for this incentive. 

  30. Tardy Policy • Sweeps rules applies. If caught in a sweep you must see Ms. Long by 2:30 that day.  •  If a quiz/test- you must complete afterschool.   • Students who are not in their assigned seat when the bell rings will be considered tardy.   • When students enter the classroom tardy the need to sign in with their name, date, period and reason for being tardy with pass. 

  31. Name Game: • Directions: • You have 15-20 minutes to fill in all of the spaces with signatures of people in this class that match the boxes. • You may only use each name ONCE and you may not use your own. • Good Luck!