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Mission Beach Aquatic Facility PowerPoint Presentation
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Mission Beach Aquatic Facility

Mission Beach Aquatic Facility

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Mission Beach Aquatic Facility

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  1. Mission Beach Aquatic Facility

  2. What’s Been Done? MBARC – Community cash $55,000: Maureen and Coralie Needs Analysis (Houston-Boyd) MBARC $5,000 Feasibility Study (Customer Connection) MBARC $25,000# Site evaluations (Q Build Engineers) CSC\MBARC Site and Facilities Preferences Survey, MBARC $5,000# Concept Design & Master Plan Rotary site (ARGO Architects) MBARC $10,000\JSC $5,000\CSC $5000 Master Plan (ARGO) complete MARCs site: JSC $5,000 (plus $5,000 for non pool components) Site Comparative Study (ARGO with community group) Quantity Survey\Funding application JSC\Leisure Futures $5000 #pro bono; total ‘spent’ to date $65,000

  3. What Does the Community Want? What can it Afford? #1 need - cool , safe recreation water shady trees and cafe #2 need - sports pool - learn to swim and laps #3 need - tots area; #4 - hydrotherapy Lagoon not feasible; 50m not feasible 25m with recreation area, tots and kiosk: feasible if on high visibility site Sites preferred by community panel: #1 Rotary; #2 MARCS #3 Guifre Council chose MARCS, today Guifre? if geotech OK

  4. Riddle: Why Does Mission BeachRemain Without Safe, Cool, Swimming Water for Sporting & Recreation Needs?

  5. Because .... • Mission Beach is too small a town to need it yet • MB is not a fast growing town so such an investment is not warranted. There are lots of houses being built but most are unoccupied • It’s fair to expect MB kids and families to travel to Tully – other NQ towns do that and it’s mainly oldies in MB there are not many kids • MB has plenty of alternative safe, cool natural water holes • The sea is safe enough during summer and they have two sea nets • Most MB people are rich so can afford to travel or build their own pools • MB people do not really want it; it’s just being stirred up by a minority • There have been no professional S&R studies to show the need is real • State Govt has stopped funding pools for small towns • There is no suitable or affordable site for it • MB is greedy – want a theme park worth $5M which will cost $0.5M pa to run • MB gets more than its share of funding so cannot expect aquatic facilities as well • Most Councillors have not seen it as a high priority for this region so they have not made plans or sought State funding for it

  6. Bamaga 780 Thursday Is Only ONE Town With No Pool (Towns of 1,100 or more) Too Small? 2006 Census Mission Beach 3200 Residents #16th in Region +500-3000 visitors Weipa Kowanyama Large Town with pool Large Town with no pool Mossman 380 Dimbulah Kuranda Town with pool And Town is smaller than Mission Beach Or virtually same size Yarrabah Babinda Malanda Croydon 260 Mt Garnet 460 Burketown 170 Doomadgee Charters Towers Home Hill Ravenswood 190 Proserpine 550 370 Georgetown 250

  7. No Growth? Mission Beach 3.7% Thuringowa 2.7% Whitsundays 2.7% Mackay 2.4% Cairns 2.2% Douglas 1.8% Townsville 1.4% Cooktown 1.2%

  8. Lot of MB Houses Are Unoccupied? Unoccupied Dwellings Mission Beach 14% All Australia 10%

  9. It’s Fair to Ask Kids To Travel 25-35Km for Swimming ... Other Rural Towns Do? Mission Beach-Tully 25-35km Mossman-Port Douglas 10km Home Hill-Ayr 11km Proserpine-Airlie 13km Malanda-Atherton 21km Babinda-Innisfail 35km Yarrabah-Cairns 40km Cardwell-Tully 43km Dimbulah-Mareeba 45km Not Many Kids – Mainly Oldies? % 1-14 years: MB 20.7%; Aus 19.8%; % 55 years plus: MB 25.4%, Aus 24.3%

  10. irukandji The Sea is Cool & Safe? boxjelly

  11. MB People Are Rich So Do Not Need It? Area Mean Household Income Cardwell $628 Bingil Bay $669 Innisfail $755 Wongaling $837 Mission Beach $850 Tully $857 South Mission $1006 Australia $1027 Carmoo $1039 Cairns $1047 Mackay $1139 Whitsunday $1490 Mt Isa $1551

  12. MB People Do Not Really Want It? 2001 MB Needs Study 90% yes 2005 MBARC Survey 98% yes MBARC: Community Donations $27,000 MBARC Raffle Income (net) $10,000 MBARC Festivals Income (net) $18,000 Pro bono Feasibility Study & Site Survey $30,000 $85,000 Funding attracted $20,000 Less audits and insurance $11,000

  13. No Professional Studies? Study Priority Need 1997 CSC\JSC Recreation Study MB Aquatic 1997 CSC SR & Culture Study MB Aquatic 1999 JSC S&R Facilities Study MB Aquatic 2000 CSC S&R Facilities MB Aquatic 2001 MB Needs Analysis Confirmed Need 2007 CSC S&R Open Space Study MB Aquatic Carmoo Park & Wildoset

  14. State Govt Not Funding Pools for Small Towns Now? Town Residents Pool Built Yarrabah 2400 2007 Kuranda 1600\2500 2008 Burketown 170 2007 Eumundi 3000 2007

  15. No Suitable Sites? MARCS Park No Cost Rotary Park No Cost Guifre Development No Cost MB Foreshore No Cost

  16. MB Wants a $5M Theme Park Which Will Cost $0.5M pa to Run MBARC asked for Stage 1: $1.95M A 6 lane 25m lap pool with small recreation water area attached, a kiosk and tots pool; half the water volume of Tully, Cardwell or Innisfail pools hence lower running costs than these pools. Closure of one stinger net – offsets costs Stage 2 included slides, LTS pool etc - Councils insisted on applying for funding for the lot NOT MBARC Kuranda 2008: 8 lane, 25m lap pool + large kids learn to swim + kiosk and ablution\change-rooms etc: $2M

  17. MB Has Had An Unfair Share Of Sports & Rec Funding? 4 Main S&R Nodes Innisfail servicing 17,000 Mission Beach 4,500 Tully 6,500 Cardwell 2,000

  18. What Actually Happened on Planned and Implemented S&R Facilities in CSC Last Council Term? Planned but not spent = red text

  19. Councillors To Date Have Not Genuinely Supported The Community Need Promises Made but Other Priorities Pursued. Community disillusioned and distraught after Giving $80,000 to start the facility.

  20. Planning: Urgency Council’s role in difficult times is focused more on risk management If bridges are unsafe we plan and fix them, not all on the same day but in a planned manner based upon risk assessment. Same if water or sewerage are threatened. Same if a large and quickly growing community with many visitors is put at ever increasing risk because it has no safe sport and recreation water. How will we be judged as a community when the next (inevitable) death occurs due to crocs or boxjelly’s if we have no plans to counter this risk, after our recent warning?

  21. Feasibility Revamp Quotes SGL Group Sydney $15,500 Current Cairns project; assumes 3 visits to area and Customer Connection does any community research pro bono (usually $6-9K) Strategic Leisure Cairns $20,000 Not well briefed yet Leisure Futures Brisbane $12,000 Low cost possible because LF did previous work on the project (Funding) and will delegate work to the Customer Connection where appropriate (as per SGL Group)