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Mission Beach Aquatic Centre PowerPoint Presentation
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Mission Beach Aquatic Centre

Mission Beach Aquatic Centre

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Mission Beach Aquatic Centre

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  1. QLD: 79 towns (2,500+) …. Only ONE has no pool. • 104 towns smaller than Mission Beach have pools. • There are more than five marine stinger deaths confirmed in this town’s history now! Mum says this is what people call INEQUITY I think she means this sucks! Mission Beach Aquatic Centre

  2. DO WE GET A FAIR SHARE OF COUNCIL SPENDING? Pop 18,000 60% of region Share of Capital Should be 65% Actual 47.7% FIVE COUNCIL TERMS OF INEQUITY Pop 4,000 13% of region Share of Capital Should be 10%+ Actual 5.7% CSC 2004-07 Was only 2% Versus 20% Pop! Pop 6,000 20% of region Share of Capital Should be 20% Actual 44.2% Pop 2,000 7% of region Share of Capital Should be 5%+ Actual 2.4%

  3. CCRC Performance? MB Pool: 3 steps back; 2 forward: Lost site master plan Lost community based design: working on a new one Took eons to get a reference group Reference group yet to be heard properly Lost Marcs site – regained this month; thanks to the generosity of Arts Meeting again March 07 – hope we can make the design changes needed. Council did well on many things: Financial Stability-Debt R Closed Up Rates Gap R Fix Basic Infrastructure R Cyclone Recovery R Financial Reporting R

  4. Gaps in Rates + Fees vs Port DouglasAverage gaps for 5 properties valued @ $100K, $200K, $300K, $400K & $500KGood progress on containing rates spiral and closing the Innisfail gap

  5. Innisfail ‘Hub’ Library Council’s Vision For Mission Beach Aquatic Centre

  6. Our Community’s Vision ….. That’s ideal BUT it’s a $15 million pool that costs over $1.5 million a year to run. Need a small lagoon attached to a 25m lap pool: Centre is now being designed to meet tourist and resident needs.

  7. Kuranda: A 50’s-Inspired Concrete Moonscape That’s what we get if Council use a ‘design & build’ contract. ESSENTIAL: professional experienced pool architecture. Costs very little extra to do it properly: like J-bridge!

  8. CCRC “Commitment” To MB Aquatic Centre Moved Cr B Shannon Seconded Cr M Nolan Resolution Number S002 “That: Council submit the Innisfail Library … for Federal Stimulus (RLIP) funding. the Mission Beach Pool project be submitted for staged development commencing with the 2010 Sport and Recreation funding round. Council agree to provide funds commencing with the 2010/2011 budget process to commence the Mission Beach Pool project on a staged basis utilizing Mission Beach Developer contributions available for this purpose.” THE MOTION WAS CARRIED – 5 votes to 1 with Crs B Shannon, M Nolan, I Rule, B Horsford and R Sorbello voting FOR the Motion and Cr J Downs voting AGAINST the Motion. 21 January 2010

  9. CCRC 2011 Draft Plan

  10. State Govt to Reopen S&R Funding Minor and medium left open by Bligh Govt Major infrastructure funding closed for 3 years Funding Plan-B Cannot assume State S&R will happen soon Need to plan for RDA & other funds CCRC Commitment & Equity Conveniently shelved – only happens if State opens S&R funding It’s TIME Professional Design Council pushing for build-design contract – must have proper architecture Concept design is dull: the challenge is to meet tourist expectations A Budget & Action Plan End the excuses: Need CCRC resolutions and actions Budget THIS year $150,000: Site Master Plan; Architecture; QS

  11. Where is the project politically - State? • In the end ALL the parties have promised nothing • Each of the three who fronted (LNP, ALP and KAP) have local • candidates who support us but none can get their party to • promise anything concrete eg to reopen S&R major funding • The Greens and NQ Party did not respond at all • The LNP (Andrew Cripps) always comes to local meetings • and came to the MBCA one this week • The KAP (Jeff Knuth) came to that meeting as well • The ALP candidate (Tony McGuire) visited us in Mission Beach • but could promise nothing after indicating that they would.

  12. Will Your Preferred Polly Candidates ….? STATE Reinstate S&R major infra funding 2012 and give us a fair go? Support our application with energy and skill? COUNCIL Deliver a MB aquatic centre this Council term? Seek alternate funds if State S&R keep failing us? 2012 Budget $150,000 for architecture-site master plans? Analyse spending by area to ensure regional equity? DIVISION 3 Proof of skill and commitment to push it effectively? Nerve to stand up to Senior Execs and Cr Groups yet retain good alliances & relationships?

  13. We’re getting back on track ……… if our State Govt will reopen S&R Funding And we do not get put to the back of the queue again by CCRC. The Innisfail Library won $2M funding from the current Govt So we should be at the front of the queue now. Thanks from Mission Aquatic Ken Gray 4068 7617