3200 electrical test equipment calibrator n.
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3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator PowerPoint Presentation
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3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator

3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator

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3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator

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  1. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator The Total Solution to Electrical Test Equipment Calibration

  2. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator –Five Calibrators In One Calibrates… • INSULATION TESTERS • RCD TESTERS • LOOP TESTERS • PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTERS • HIPOT / BREAKDOWN TESTERS

  3. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator –Insulation Tester Calibration • Insulation Resistance from 100kohms to 10Gohms at 1kV • Measurement of Insulation Test Voltage at 1mA load • AC Voltage Calibration to 400 Volts • Continuity Resistance from 0 to 1kohms • Continuity Resistance Current to 300mA Measured into 1ohm Calibrating Insulation testers with the 3200 is simple. All the functions required are in one instrument, making calibration fast and simple. Use with ProCal software to automate and save even more time.

  4. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator –RCD Tester Calibration Residual circuit breaker testers are designed to test and measure the break time of AC mains (RCB) trips at set test currents. Fault current is allowed to pass between live phase and earth. The ‘fault’ current is started by pressing a button on the tester, usually an LCD counter on the tester measures the time in milliseconds until the mains supply is disconnected. The 3200 has been specially designed to make the calibration of RCD testers safe & straight forward, which can otherwise be quite difficult and even dangerous. To calibrate an RCD tester, it is necessary to measure the current taken from the mains supply by the tester on each of its ranges and the time period measured shown on the testers display to the disconnection of supply. The 3200 can calibrate both functions. Intelligent firmware measures the correct fault current ignoring pre-test currents from testers such as the AVO CM500. The 3200 also provides accurate timed disconnection of the supply to verify the testers timing accuracy. Some RCB testers have additional functions such as which half cycle of the mains the fault current started, fault current duration etc. which can also be tested by the 3200.

  5. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator –Loop Tester Calibration • Automatic Measurement and compensation of supply loop impedance • Automatic detection of faulty Tester preventing damage to 3200 • 8 loop values from 0.05ohm to 1kohm. To calibrate a Loop Tester simple connect to the 3200, select the loop function and run auto loop. Select the required loop value on the 3200 and press test. The 3200 automatically checks for a faulty loop tester before applying the full mains supply.

  6. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator –PAT Calibration • Earth Bond Resistance • Earth Bond Current Measurement to 30 Amps • Insulation resistance from 1M to 10Gohms • Leakage Current Measurement • Class 1 & 2 Flash Voltage Measurement There are several different measurement functions to be calibrated on a PAT tester. The functions required are all in the 3200 ensuring fast and efficient calibration of these instruments.

  7. 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator –HIPOT / Breakdown Tester Calibration • 3kV & 12kV AC/DC Measurement Ranges • 200uA • 2mA • 20mA Current Ranges • 200uA : 5M •10M •20M Loads • 2mA : 500k •1M •2M Loads • 20mA : 50k •100k •200k Loads • Current ranges : 1kV maximum • Power On & Overload Indicators • Requires 3200 Calibrator VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT • Connects between ground and appropriate voltage terminal • Select voltage range (3kV / 12kV AC/DC) and read back the voltage measured from the display of the 3200. CURRENT LOAD • Three electronically selectable ranges, nine current loads Select current range using the 3200 ‘softkeys’ • Connect breakdown tester between ground and the appropriate resistor socket.