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LSU Dining

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LSU Dining

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  1. LSU Dining By: Randa Whitaker

  2. Focus for Project Beginning of Semester: 459 Commons The 5 The Union End of Semester: 459 Commons The 5

  3. ULTIMATE GOAL: LSU dining purchases no product that is not compostable or is not recycled properly. OBJECTIVES: -Reduce Waste -Have more organic & local food choices -More student involvement

  4. 459 Commons & The 5 Short-term goal: 1. Start recycling all plastics and Aluminum cans X: They will not ask students to separate their trash 2. Put up signs at the condiment stations asking students to “go green” and put condiments on their plate. ✓Green signs will be up for Spring Semester. 3. Replace cups used for ice cream with washable bowls… still up for discussion.

  5. “Go Green” signs

  6. I really want to push this goal because it will not only eliminate the plastic cups in the dinning hall, but will also cut a cost that can be used to get compostable napkins. Replace ice cream cups The dinning facilities already have washable bowls for cereal, and have adequate space to store them.

  7. X Short term goal: pilot program in union that would separate the trash as: • Paper, cardboard and plastics • Food & other waste This is not possible because Funding Extra Work Dumpsters

  8. Long-term goals for 459 and the 5 • X: Price and availability • X: Price and availability • X: They will not change this because it is easier to buy. • … still in discussion • If Capital City does, they will… • He is going to order some!! • X: They feel they need it for to-go orders • ✓ Look for a “Sustainable Dining Night” next semester! • Purchase local meat, poultry and eggs • Purchase local syrups, honey, etc. • Make sauces, spreads, salad dressings, etc. in house • Remove bottled water from these locations • Purchase more fair trade products • Compostable napkins • Washable utensils • “Sustainable Dining Night”

  9. Proposed“Sustainable Dining Night” Projector showing a sustainability documentary, like Fresh Hill Farm Product Information about what students can do to dine more sustainably and why it is important

  10. Actual“Sustainable Dining Night” • Facts, pictures and sustainable information will be broadcast on the televisions. • Local meals will be spotlighted and documented • Plastic containers will be removed for that dinner service • Advertising will be around the dining hall and student papers encouraging them to bring in their own cups, etc.

  11. Areas for Improvement • Resource more local products. • No food is sourced from on on-campus farm • Nothing organic is purchased. • Chocolate, tea and bananas are not Fair Trade Certified. • Bottled water is still present in the dinning facilities.

  12. 1. More local products. Food sourced from on campus farm. Meat, poultry, eggs, honey The dinning services would love to spotlight produce from the Hill Farm and would put up signs at the food. 3. Purchasing organic food. David is going to look at the report card and his orders from Capital City and Sysco to see if there is a way to purchase more organic food options.

  13. 4. Fair Trade Products Once again, if Capital City doesn’t have them the dinning facilities won’t either. 5. No bottled water in the dinning facilities This is something he is willing to discuss more, but for right now it is only during “Sustainable Dining Night”

  14. Student Involvement Bulletin board in the hallway for fliers, student jobs and activities dealing with sustainability around campus.

  15. X Long-term Goals for Union X Compostable napkins, utensils and to-go boxes Unpackaged straws No plastic bags X X