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Safe Hiring Certification Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Safe Hiring Certification Training

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Safe Hiring Certification Training
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Safe Hiring Certification Training

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  1. Safe Hiring Certification Training Presented by BRB Publications, Inc.

  2. What is Safe Hiring Certification Training? • An intensive 30-hour, online, professional development training course about safe hiring for Human Resource professionals or anyone with hiring responsibilities • Based on the book The Safe Hiring Manual : The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Imposters and Terrorists Out of Your Workplace by Lester S. Rosen (Facts on Demand Press, 2005)

  3. How do you know if this training is for you? • Do you know how to avoid hiring a problem employee? • How do you avoid hiring someone with falsified credentials or inappropriate criminal record? • How do you comply with the myriad of state and federal laws dealing with privacy and hiring discrimination? • How do you set-up a Safe Hiring Program to protect your company and its employees?

  4. If you need to know the answers to these questions… Safe Hiring Certification Training is for you!

  5. Employers: What will this training do for you? • Help you audit your firm’s current policies and practices • Protect you from lawsuits for negligent hiring • Learn how to avoid workplace violence • Help you understand how drug testing works and when you can use it • Help you know what to do if you find adverse information about a job applicant • Explain legal post-hire practices • Offer tips for hiring independent contractors • Discuss key employment laws (FCRA, EEOC, Title VII)

  6. Screening Firms: What will this training do for you? • Provide essential best practice checklists • Train new employees quickly and effectively • Explain the correct use of FCRA forms and disclaimers • Help you comply with federal and state laws • Explain what criminal records can be used and when • Provide tips on conducting reference checks • Offer tips on finding public record vendors • Describe how to conduct international checks • Help you understand and search terrorist’s databases • List consumer reporting agency responsibilities

  7. Features of This Training Include: • Convenient 24/7/365 availability through any online connection • 21 self-paced lessons on Safe Hiring practices • A printable, 190-page workbook to facilitate note-taking and preparation for review quizzes • Review quizzes after each lesson featuring more than 300 questions about safe hiring • Easy access to useful Safe Hiring web-links • Sample safe hiring forms to help guide your own form development • Certificate of completion to demonstrate your accomplishment

  8. What else are you going to learn in this training? • This training answers these questions and more: • What are the 10 "Red Flags" to look for when interviewing an applicant? • What are the 10 essential tips needed for effective telephone reference checks? • How does an employer legally obtain, evaluate and utilize criminal records? • What are the 10 sure signs an employer is hiring a lawsuit waiting to happen? • How should you select a background screening firm? • How can an employer conduct international background checks? • What is the best way to protect against hiring terrorists?

  9. Is this course suitable for someone who has never taken an online course? • Yes! This course is designed to be user-friendly even for those who have not taken an online course before. • If you have used the Internet, you can use this course.

  10. Let’s Take a Look at What the Course Looks Like

  11. Course Content • The course map is an outline to the course content. • To view a full-sized version of the course map shown to the right, please click here. • This is a PDF file. You will need a PDF viewer, such as Acrobat Reader, to view it.

  12. Lessons View each PowerPoint-based lesson online using this easy-to-use browser. The lesson content is displayed on the left and navigation options are displayed on the right.

  13. Sample Slides • The following 3 slides are a sample of the course content.

  14. Negligent Hiring Due Diligence What’s the Opposite of Due Diligence? • Negligent hiring is the flip side of “due diligence”. • When an employer fails to exercise due diligence and a person is harmed by an employee, that employer can be sued. • The name of the legal action used in these cases is called “negligent hiring” or is sometimes referred to as the “negligent hiring doctrine.” EXAMPLE OF LESSON CONTENT

  15. The “Knew or Reasonably Should Have Known” Standard The “knew or reasonably should have known” standard allows a victim to sue an employer for negligent hiring when an employer hires someone who they either knew or, in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known was dangerous, unfit, or not qualified for the position and that injury was foreseeable. Of course, most employers would not hire someone who they knew for a fact was dangerous, unfit or unqualified. However, if such a person was hired, the issue before the judge is whether the employer reasonably “should have known” if they exercised reasonable care. The threat of being sued for negligent hiring is far from theoretical. Lawsuits for negligent hiring are one of the fastest growing areas of tort litigation. Employers are being hit with multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements as well as enormous attorneys’ fees. EXAMPLE OF LESSON CONTENT

  16. Respondent Superior Theory & Vicarious Liability • A legal theory called Respondent Superior means literally that the Master must respond when his/her employee commits a wrongdoing while engaged in the scope and course of his/her duties. • The law refers to this as vicarious liability. • Vicarious liability applies in circumstances such as when an employee gets into an accident when driving to an assignment or when an employee accidentally injures someone while trying to perform his or her duties. • In these cases, most employers would agree that an employer would expect to be liable. However, when an intentional crime is involved, there is less clarity. EXAMPLE OF LESSON CONTENT

  17. Workbook • You can print out the 190-page workbook or simply view it online. The workbook is designed to help you take notes throughout the course and closely mirrors the course content. • Click here to view a sample section of the workbook. (This is a PDF file.)

  18. Free 30-Minute Preview Lesson • To take a free, 30-minute preview lesson, please go to • Click on “Safe Hiring Training Preview” and follow the instructions on the screen. • This preview is available from any online connection 24 hours a day.

  19. How much does this training cost? Individual Course $395 2 - 5 courses $325 per course 6 - 10 courses $275 per course 11 or more call Mark Sankey at 1-800-929-3811 Quantity discounts are available for 1. companies with multiple employees 2. screening firms purchasing programs for clients.

  20. How do you enroll in this training? • To enroll in this training or to get more information, please contact: BRB Publications, Inc. PO Box 27869 Tempe, AZ 85285 1-800-929-3811 1-800-929-4981 (fax)