a record of our learning experience by mrs williams fifth grade class n.
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Visual Learning Journal PowerPoint Presentation
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Visual Learning Journal

Visual Learning Journal

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Visual Learning Journal

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  1. A record of our learning experience by Mrs. Williams' Fifth Grade Class Visual Learning Journal

  2. Mrs. Williams' Notes • The purpose of this journal is two-fold. First, learning need to be reflected upon. The more we can encourage students to reflect on what they have learned the more likely they are to remember it and connect it to new concepts later. Reflecting in different modes, like visual and writing, reaches more types of learners. • This journal is also to make the technology a part of our everyday vocabulary in the classroom. One of the class jobs is historian. That person is to take pictures of learning experiences, download the pictures, and create captioned slides to document our year.

  3. Mrs. Williams' Notes Continued • All the pictures in this journal were taken by the students. They also created and captioned the slides.

  4. 6th Grade Math Class!! • This class is at the top of their game when it comes to math! In this picture we are working on graphs and decimals.

  5. Casa Jar • The casa jar is for children that are invovled in court system and there family is having probloms. So we put dollars and cents in the jar to help raise money for them.

  6. Algebra and Variables • In math we are learning about variables. A variable is a letter that stands for a number value. You would solve this equation by putting the number 4.4 in the place of a. Then the equation would read “6(4.4 +1) = ___” The solution would be 32.4.

  7. CHANCES JAR • This picture is of chances. Chances are when you get caught doing something good with out the teacher telling you to.

  8. Colored Celery!!! • For Science class we put celery into colored water. We found out that vascular plants carry water through tubes in their stems to their leaves.

  9. Dinosaur bones on the smartboard • The science project on the smartboard was where we dragged virtual dinosaur bones to their places on a skeleton stand. It was really fun.

  10. This is a picture of the empty spot where our beautiful peach yeast experiment WAS. Until the janitor swiped it away, we were a happy family. We also learned to never leave experiments on the desks without a note.

  11. Hatchet • Our first read aloud book this year was Hatchet. Gary Paulsen wrote this book. For the weeks we read it, all of us felt like we were in the story with Brian, from the time his plane crashed and through the struggle. All of us loved this book.

  12. Our mailboxes • These are our mailboxes. • The file clerk (classroom job) files the papers into the mailboxes and we get the mail at the end of the day. • The mailboxes have numbers on them so you know whose box is whose. (I'm # 10.)‏

  13. Reading Time!!! • It is time to read, a wonderful book about Storm Chasing. • In this article it might include: • Lighting • Hurricanes • Floods • And other natural disasters

  14. Math Properties • The properties of math • Commutative Property • Identity property • Zero property • Associative property • We learned these properties so that we can understand better and easier

  15. Poems • Our poems were about a vertebrate that we learned about in science class. • We learned the difference between reptiles,mammals,fish, and amphibians. • As you can see we colored the outside of the edges around the poem to tell what it was.

  16. S.S. Brochures • These are the brochures that we made in Social Studies class about the regions of the United States Of America.

  17. The Question Of The Week • This is question of the week. We have question of the week to keep our minds active. We have question of the week every week. That week was a social studies one. This is the 5 question of the week.