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World Map

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World Map

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  1. World Map Writing about sailing around the world – based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel Kensuke’s Kingdom. Individual countries

  2. World Map LO: I can write a balanced argument for and against sailing around the world By Ben M. Individual countries If my family were to sail around the world, it would be an adventure of a lifetime because I would get to see all the sea life, although I would definitely miss my extended family, though I could ‘Skype’ them, or ‘face time’ them, if they had an I product that is! On the other hand, I would be able to see different tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Piza. Even though there is a danger of falling overboard and drowning, or a Blue Whale or different large marine life could easily tip the boat on it’s side; but despite that, it would be good to meet new people, go to different countries and buying new clothes. I could also get sea sick, that’s not a good thing but I could just take tablets to be positive. Another thing, I would have the opportunity to do is try new foods like coconuts and dragon fruit. A downside is you can’t drink the sea water because it’s full of salt, so you would have to buy some water every time you stop at a different country. To sum up, me and my family would never go on a trip to sail around the world because we would all miss my family too much and my friends.

  3. Outline map LO: I can write a balanced argument on sailing around the world. If my family were to sail around the world, it would be an amazing adventure to see places and famous monuments, although, my sister and our lives would be at risk because of storms and falling out of the boat. My family would love a break off work, however, we would earn no money and my dog would be left alone! My family would like sailing around the world because you can do lots of different watersports, although I am scared of fish! Charlie and dad would love fishing for new species of fish to eat! Mum would be sun bathing all the time!!! However, I would get very bored, me and Charlie would argue all of the time and we would miss friends and family. One good thing about it would be all the watersports like wakeboarding, surfing, body boarding and waterskiing. In conclusion, it would not be a very good idea to sail around the world with my family because our lives would be at risk, of being eaten by sharks, sinking or getting lost. All in all, I think it would not be a good idea to sail around the world in my family. By Ruby