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Floral Design

Floral Design

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Floral Design

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  1. Floral Design Safety in the Lab

  2. Safety in the Lab is Everyone’s Responsibility… • Always watch for dangerous situations for yourself and for others. Know what to look for….

  3. Although the floral lab is reasonably safe, there are still situations that could be potentially dangerous. • Our objectives for Safety in the Floral Lab will be to: • Understand the importance of safe handling for chemicals and plant materials. • Understand the PROPER procedure for using floral lab tools SAFETY

  4. Safety is of utmost importance for you and for those around you. • Several factors must be considered in developing good personal safety habits. These factors include: • Avoiding unsafe conditions • Avoiding unsafe actions • Properly handling materials • Dressing Appropriately SAFETY

  5. Most unsafe conditions are obvious and should be corrected immediately. • Keep the Floors and Walkways clean and free of obstructions. (EX. Water on floor, tools on floor, materials/supplies on floor) • Use caution when handling knives, clippers, etc. • Always cut away from you with a knife. • Report any tools that are broken or damaged to your instructor immediately. Unsafe Conditions

  6. Using Sharp Tools Con’t. • Never “saw” your flower stems. Damage will occur to you flower materials. • Never “saw” on the tables or chairs. • Do not carry the tools in your pockets. • Never throw tools to another student. • Never cut wire with a floral knife. Unsafe Conditions….

  7. Avoiding Unsafe Conditions while using Chemicals. • Always handle chemicals with adequate ventilation. • Always protect skin and clothing while handling chemicals. Use gloves if necessary. • Flush eyes/skin immediately if they come in contact with the chemicals. Unsafe Conditions…

  8. There are many things that we can do to avoid unsafe actions. • Most accidents occur due to carelessness or unawareness. • Make sure that you watch what others are doing around you. Remember, their actions can affect you. Avoiding Unsafe Actions.

  9. Chemical use in the Floral Lab is minimal, but you need to utilize caution at all times. • Never mix different types of chemicals. • Wash hands after handling chemicals. • Read the labels. • Only use in well ventilated areas. • Avoid getting chemicals on skin or in eyes. • Store chemicals according to label instructions. (Secure ventilated area) Used to clean containers between use. Chemical Use

  10. Chemicals are Identified by their warning labels….. • Caution- refers to low level of toxicity. • Warning- identifies a moderately toxic product • Danger- indicates a highly toxic product. It is represented by the skull-and-crossbones symbol. Chemical Use

  11. Glue Gun Safety is very important. • Temperatures may reach up to 180 degrees. • Third degree burns can occur if the melted glue gets on your skin. • If melted glue does get on the skin surface, DO NOT pull it off. Rinse with cold water immediately. Pulling the glue will also pull off your skin!!!!! Glue Guns

  12. Some of the plants/flowers that we handle could be potentially dangerous to you. • Some individuals are more sensitive to certain types of plant materials. If you have an allergy or allergic reaction—let the instructor know. • Never touch your mouth/face until you have washed your hands. Toxic Plants and Materials

  13. Remember…….. • Safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility… DO YOUR PART…… THE END