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Negotiation - an overview

Negotiation - an overview. Room for negotiation. Entry point. Exit point. Buyer. Seller. Negotiation is about: Having clear parameters Movement. Exit point. Entry point. Final outcome. Preparing to negotiate I. Objective Common ground Information needed

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Negotiation - an overview

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  1. Negotiation - an overview Room for negotiation Entry point Exit point Buyer Seller • Negotiation is about: • Having clear parameters • Movement Exit point Entry point Final outcome

  2. Preparing to negotiate I Objective Common ground Information needed Consequences of non-agreement Preliminary Ideal, Realistic & Fall-back positions Information to obtain (Got, Need, Nice) Concessions - cost to us; value to them Climate (Place, Time) Our position

  3. Preparing to negotiate II Their Ideal, Realistic & Fall-back positions? Motivation, approach, history? Concessions - cost to them; value to us? Consequences of non-agreement The other party Prepare questions Start Control Listening Persuasion Strategy

  4. Preparing to negotiate III Opening statement Responses to likely questions List assumptions - how to test them Behavioural style Rehearsal Even time is negotiable Build 2-way empathy Tomorrow is another day Emergency plan To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail

  5. Negotiation tactics What if ... Take a break “Flinch” test Silence Broken record Building block Summarise

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